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The episode begins with Preeta tells Karan that she saved his life from Mahira. He says he didn’t believe her when she said that she saw Mahira in the hotel but later he too saw her in the hotel. She asks doesn’t he remember what happened to him yesterday night. He says he was searching Preeta and saw few goons were teasing Mahira so he saved her from them and took her to their room, after drinking water he felt dizzy so he slept.

She says does he really doesn’t remember what happened after that and tells the driver to stop the car. Sristy was enjoying nature and Sameer smiles seeing her. She says she wants to live in Manali doesn’t want to go to Mumbai. He laughs hearing her. She asks why he is laughing unnecessarily. He says he is laughing thinking how she teased Karan a few minutes back. She says she wanted to know something that’s why she reacted like that with Karan and says nothing happened between Karan and Preeta because of Sherlyn, Mahira.

Karan admires nature. Preeta says yesterday night Mahira tried to get close to him but she spoiled her plan. She says he felt dizzy because Mahira spiked the water he drank and says Mahira did everything to take her place so she can enjoy her honeymoon with him but she saved him from her by spoiling her plan. She asks does he understand what she is saying. He says he understood that how much Preeta loves him and says her script is really good.

She says she is not saying any story but Mahira actually did everything and says it’s hard to believe that he doesn’t remember anything. She yells at him saying she should not have saved him and says she won’t repeat this mistake again. He says he wants her to save him from every girl in the future too and says he trusts her. Kareena, Mahira and Sherlyn reach Luthra’s house. Kareena says Preeta would have said everything to Rakhi already and gets worried thinking how she will face her mother if Rakhi told her everything then. She says she made mistake by sending Mahira to Manali.

Rakhi was complaining that TV not working. She sees them and says she is trying to understand why they did that and asks Sherlyn about her health. Sherlyn says she is feeling better and goes to her room. Rakhi thanks Mahira and Kareena for taking care of Sherlyn. She asks Kareena about Preeta, Karan.

Kareena lies to her saying they are fine. She tells Mahira that she cut the cable wire yesterday otherwise Rakhi would have reached Manali like Ramona by watching the news. On the way to home, Karan sees Krithika with Akshay in the market and teases them. Akshay says tomorrow he will come to Luthra house with his parents to talk about his and Krithika’s marriage.

In Arora’s house, Janki scolds Sristy for leaving the house without informing anyone. Sarla too scolds her. Sameer tells them about Sherlyn and Mahira’s plan to save Sristy. Sarla hugs Sristy. Kareena decides to stop Preeta from telling the truth to Rakhi somehow. Karan, Krithika, and Preeta enter Luthra’s house.

Episode ends.