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The episode begins with Preeta tells Sarla that she thought to tell the truth to Karan but he would not have believed her not just him no one would have believed her. She already many times tried to expose Sherlyn but that time too no one believed her instead they just put the blame on her. Sarla tauntingly says no one believes Preeta in Luthra house still she married their house son and ready to sacrifice her life for them.

She says Preeta can even hurt her own mother for that Luthra family and says Luthra’s just insults her always still she goes there to protect them going against her mother. She says she is tired of Preeta so can’t keep her in the house anymore and asks her to leave the house. Janki says how can Sarla throw her daughter out of the house because she is not that kind of mother. Sarla shouts at her and asks her to stay quiet if she can’t then she too can leave the house with Preeta.

In luthra house, Mahira tells Sherlyn that she did a lot of things to marry Karan and will do everything in the future too but only she will become his wife.

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Sherlyn suggests her to tell Karan that how much she loves him and put her life in danger for him that too twice. Mahira apologizes to Sherlyn for her behavior. Sherlyn asks her to promise that she won’t behave like that again then only she will forgive her and says if their fights continues like this then luthra’s will start to suspect them. Sherlyn says Mahira should be happy that Luthra’s didn’t accepted Preeta as their daughter in law and Sarla too will throw her out of the house so her chapter finished from their life from now on.

In arora house, Sristy scolds Sarla for insulting Preeta when she told her the reason behind her marriage with Karan. She says Preeta respects Sarla a lot but she is not ready to understand her and her decision. Janki scolds Sristy for blaming Sarla. Sarla ignores Sristy totally and throws Preeta out of the house.

Sristy asks Sarla to not behave like this with Preeta, before she completes Sarla slaps her and asks her to not interfere. Sarla says she is mother of both of them and she knows what is right for them and she has full rights to give punishment to them when they does mistakes. She warns Preeta to not enter the house again.

Prithvi says Rishab and Karan made his life as hell and Karan snatched his love from him. He vows to snatch everything from Karan. He decides to destroy him and snatch Preeta too from him. Sristy packs her clothes and says she too leaving the house with her sister saying in luthra house they insulted them here Sarla insulting them.

She says Janki can come with them if she wants otherwise she has to live life long with hitler Sarla. She asks Preeta to leave with her saying they don’t need anyone. Janki goes inside saying don’t know what happened to Sarla suddenly. Sristy asks Preeta to not cry but Preeta says she wants her mother. Hearing Sarla’s crying voice Preeta runs to her and hugs her then Sristy too joins the hug.

Sherlyn wants to celebrate Preeta’s exit from their life for that Mahira says her status is still same then why should she celebrate. Kareena tells Dadi that finally Rakhi realized Preeta’s true face that’s why she asked her to leave the house. Dadi tells Mahira that Luthra’s are with her and she knows how much she tolerated for Karan.

She asks Kareena to start Karan and Mahira’s marriage preparation. Sarla says Preeta married Karan to protect Mahesh but why she become weak in front of Sherlyn and Mahira when they insulted her and asks why she came back. Preeta looks at her with confusion.

Episode ends.