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The episode begins with Preeta tells to the press that she doesn’t want anyone to point at Luthra’s because of someone else mistake and she can’t see her family embarrassed without doing anything wrong. Mahira says Preeta lying, she is not in drunken state and says her engagement happened with Karan and she was about to marry him.

Preeta says about marriage they can talk later, first confirm about drink issue and asks anyone to come and smell Mahira and they will understand the truth because she doesn’t wanna repeat the truth again and again. Ranu aunt comes forward and smells Mahira and says she is drunk obviously and says when first time she saw her that time itself she thought Rakhi married Karan with wrong person. She says Mahira introduced herself as Preeta and was roaming in the party till now.

One of the guest says she felt bad for Karan seeing Mahira’s actions but thank god she is not his wife and he got good wife like Preeta. Mahira loses her control and starts to shout at everyone saying how Preeta could be good person and tries to convince them saying she is not a good person and she will tell the truth about her and notices Sameer and Sristy laughing at her and goes to them and says everything is their plan and she won’t leave them too. Ramona and Sherlyn takes Mahira with them from there.

Preeta tells everyone to forget whatever happened and apologize to them for the inconvenience they faced because of Mahira. Ranu aunt says Preeta is so good if anyone else was in her place then that person would have beat Mahira till now. Everyone praises Preeta. Rishab asks Sristy that where Preeta went. She lies to him saying she doesn’t know if she knows then she won’t hide it from him. Sameer takes the mike from Preeta and announces the dance performance of Preeta and Karan.

Sherlyn asks why Mahira behaving like this and everyone will think she is some psycho. Mahira asks why someone will call her psycho when everything done by Preeta and explains how she poured the alcohol on her. Sherlyn says no one will believe her. Ramona says today’s star is Preeta and Mahira is villain and tells her to change the dress. Mahira goes to change and Ramona leaves from there. Sherlyn thinks everything spoiled and wonders what to do now.

Karan and Preeta was dancing and he says finally she agreed that he is handsome and every girls ready to die for him. She says he is such a self obsessed man and also a honest man and says she is also special that’s why he missed her too. He says if she stays silent then others may like her. Sameer starts to dance with Sristy which shocks Kareena.

Sanjana instigates Kareena against Arora’s sisters. Ranu aunt tells Rakhi to perform the ‘Muh dikhayi’ ritual again otherwise Mahira may think she spoiled the ritual. Rakhi convinces Dadi for doing ‘Muh dikhayi’ again. Hearing their conversation Kareena says Dadi always agrees with Rakhi even though this time mistake was Preeta’s. Dadi says she felt Rakhi was right and she doesn’t wanna talk about this anymore.

Sanjana says Sherlyn should stay away from Prithvi because he is just using her. Sherlyn says they are not using each other instead they loves each other and whenever she tried to move on from him she regretted for that. Sanjana says Sherlyn is married now how can she speak like this. Sherlyn says she won’t hear anything against him. Sanjana warns her to stay away from Mahira. Sherlyn sees Ramona behind Sanjana.

Episode ends.