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Episode begins with Sristy tells Preeta to not worry and if Preeta wants then she will reach Luthra house to teach lesson to Prithvi. Preeta says Sarla will get worried if she got to know that Sristy is not in the house. Sristy tells her to not worry about anything and reminds her that Karan is with her and if he saw Prithvi in Luthra house then he won’t leave him and will attack him like a lion.

Preeta says Sristy is right and she just overreacted hearing Prithvi’s voice and she won’t fear for anything now and even if he comes she will handle him. Sristy says she feels that Prithvi just threatening her and won’t come. Preeta says she also feels like that only and he doesn’t have guts to come to Luthra house.

Karan knocks the door and Preeta picks the stump to beat him thinking Prithvi came and she gets relieved seeing Karan and hugs him. He teases her way of welcome and asks why she didn’t pick his call when he called her so many times and asks she was talking to her new lover or what. She takes Prithvi’s name.

Sristy tells Janki that Prithvi threatened Preeta. Janki says she will teach lesson to him. Sristy says she will handle him and asks her to handle Sarla once she returns from market. Sameer comes there with flower bouquet and Janki sees him and says Sristy lied to her to meet her lover. Sristy gets confused hearing her and asks what is she saying. Janki says now Sristy need not to go anywhere because her lover came here to meet her and tells her to turn around. Sristy gets surprised seeing Sameer and he asks her to become his Valentine.

Karan says if Preeta is joking then it’s a bad joke. Preeta says it’s not a joke and says Prithvi called her and he even threaten her. Karan laughs hearing her and says today Valentine’s day so she should think about him only. Sristy stammers and says seems like there is some misunderstanding. Sameer says she misunderstood because he asked Janki to become his Valentine and gives the bouquet to her. Janki accepts it and thanks him and tells him to sit. Sristy tells her to not take his words seriously because he was joking. Janki ignores her and goes to bring tea for him.

Prithvi arrives at Luthra house and everyone shocks seeing him. Karan goes to him and tried to beat him but Prithvi holds his hand and says he came here for his love. Karan tells him to stop his nonsense. Prithvi says he is Luthra’s son in law now which shocks everyone. He says he will explain everything and calls someone, Krithika comes there wearing Vermillion and nupital chain.

Sristy asks Janki that why she is behaving strange now and says Janki knows that she loves Sameer so much. Janki says she wanted to hear this only. Sameer thinks Sristy won’t reject him so he should have propose her. Sameer was about to propose Sristy but changes the topic seeing Sarla there.

Prithvi asks why no one saying anything. He goes towards Kareena and asks her to bless him and Krithika. Sherlyn asks Krithika to say that it’s not true but just a joke. Karan was about to beat Prithvi but Krithika stops him saying Prithvi is her husband.

Episode ends.