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Episode begins with Palki tells Kritika and Kavya that Rajveer is really caring. Kavya agrees with Palki. She says that Rajveer helps everyone. Kritika says that Rajveer is like Karan. Palki tells them that Shaurya and Rajveer met in wrong situation that’s why Rajveer hates Shaurya. Kavya says that Shaurya listens Nidhi only so Nidhi can talk to Shaurya about Rajveer. Palki thinks that Nidhi don’t like Rajveer so Nidhi won’t talk to Shaurya about Rajveer.

In the police station, Nidhi tells Shaurya that she lost her value in Luthra house because of Preeta and Rajveer. Shaurya says that Preeta can’t take Nidhi’s place and Rajveer can’t take his place. She tells him that Rakhi turned against her because of Preeta. He tells her that he need to come out of lockup to protect her. He says that he won’t even let Preeta and Rajveer enter the house after getting out of lockup. She tells him that she talked to Karan and it looks like Karan will give his property to Rajveer. He asks her to not worry.

Rajveer tells Luthras that Preeta is right. Preeta says that they should find alternative solution. Karan says that he will go to Anshuman’s house to talk to Anshuman. Preeta tells him that that’s not good idea. Nidhi comes there and tells Karan that if he gave half of property to Anshuman then Shaurya will get out of lockup. Karan refuses to give single penny to Anshuman.

Preeta tells Rajveer to meet Anshuman and say Rajveer is on Anshuman’s side. Palki says that she don’t think Anshuman will trust Rajveer. Rajveer says that he know how to make Anshuman trust him. He tells Karan that he need the latter’s help. Karan nods at Rajveer.

Rajveer and Karan goes to Karan’s room. Rajveer tells Karan about file matter. He says that if he gave file to Anshuman then Anshuman will trust him. Karan opens the locker. Rajveer goes to washroom. Nidhi enters Karan’s room and tells Karan that Anshuman is real player because Anshuman is getting everything which he want. She says that they can’t trust Rajveer too. Karan tells her that he trust Rajveer. Rajveer comes out of the washroom. Karan gives the file to Rajveer. They goes downstairs.

Nidhi says that if anything went wrong then they will lose the file too. Karan says that this plan will work. Rajveer calls Anshuman and puts the phone on speaker. Anshuman scolds Rajveer for not stealing his file. He says that Rajveer choosed Luthras over him. Rajveer asks Anshuman to not talk about past. He convinces Anshuman to meet him and disconnects the call.

Later, Dadi worries about Shaurya. Karan assures Dadi that Shaurya will come out of lockup. Dadi tells Karan to drop Preeta in the house. Nidhi says that she will accompany them because it won’t look at if Preeta went with Karan alone then.

Meanwhile, Palki tells Rajveer that Shanaya is upset with her. She says that Shanaya thinks she want to impress Luthras. Rajveer tells her that even Shaurya don’t understand his intention. He says that he is stressed about tomorrow’s meeting.

Episode ends.