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Episode begins with Sherlyn says she is not sister in law of Preeta. Preeta says if she wants then she can expose her in front of everyone right now but she won’t do that because she doesn’t believes in breaking the relations like her. She says her priority is her family and their happiness she doesn’t want to trouble them so it will be good if Sherlyn too starts to find her happiness in this family’s happiness because she won’t get a family like this again in her life. She tells her to stop plotting against her family. Sherlyn says it’s just her family not Preeta’s.

 Preeta asks what relationship Sherlyn has with Prithvi. Sherlyn shocks hearing her and stays silent. Preeta says how Janki saw them together and how they tried to kill her so she doesn’t reveal their truth others. She says that time God saved Janki and she just lost her memory and today she remembered everything and now she knows her truth.

 Sherlyn starts to laugh and says how can Preeta believe Janki and says she doesn’t has any affair with Prithvi because he is not her type. She says she can’t even tell where she went leaving her own reception and now she is trying to blackmail her but she is not afraid of her because she won’t tell anything to anyone even if she does no one gonna believe her.

 Preeta says first of all she is not believing Sherlyn’s story and says Luthra’s will believe her like they did today when she explained where she went and also she has proof and witness against her. She says she is not doing anything against her because she doesn’t want Luthra’s to face tension again that’s why.She says it’s a fight between she and Sherlyn, Mahira so she won’t drag others and she will teach them lesson for sure so they doesn’t even think to do anything bad.

She says now she is not revealing her truth but when the right time comes that time she will reveal and when she does that she can’t escape in any way and leaves from there. Sherlyn gets worried thinking now Preeta knows her and Prithvi’s relationship and if she reveals then Karan will believe her for sure.


Sarla tells Janki that Preeta’s life won’t become fine in single day it will take time. She says she even saw Sristy and Sameer together. Janki says Preeta can handle this matter. Sarla says Preeta already facing many challenges in Luthra house so she doesn’t want to trouble her talking about this to her. Janki thinks it will be good only if Preeta and Sristy lives in same house.

Rakhi recalls how Sarla blamed her and tells Mahesh that Mahira is staying in this house because of her and Karan, Preeta’s marriage happened, now she is Luthra’s daughter in law so it’s her responsibility to support Preeta now. She says now she is going to make everything right then only Preeta will get justice.

Preeta tells Karan to turn off the AC because she is feeling cold. He tells her to use quilt if she is feeling cold then. And they argues with each other and fights for the remote then realises their closeness. She tries to get up from him but falls on him again.


Episode ends.