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Episode begins with Rakhi tells Mahesh that she misunderstood Preeta. Kritika says that she knew this will happen. Mahesh says that he never saw a lady like Rakhi. He appreciates Rakhi. Kareena comes there and asks them that why they got silent after seeing her. Mahesh tells her that he was appreciating Rakhi. Karan says that Rajveer becoming fine so they were relaxing. He goes to see Rajveer.

Kareena says that she is not convinced still. She asks Kritika to tell the truth. Kritika tells Kareena that Mahesh said jokes that’s it. Kareena leaves from there. Rakhi tells thanks to Kritika for lying to Kareena. She says that Kareena will get angry after learning that she forgave Preeta. She adds that let’s hide this matter from Kareena for few days.

On the other hand, Shaurya tells Sandy that Nidhi is heartbroken and he has to do something for her. He says that Nidhi is getting insecure seeing him getting close to Preeta. Sandy tells Shaurya that Nidhi need security. He says that if Karan gave love and attention to Nidhi then she will feel better. Shaurya decides to talk to Karan about it.

Karan enters Rajveer’s ICU. Nurse tells him that Rajveer regained his consciousness and tried to leave the hospital in anger after learning that Karan donated blood to him. She says that Rajveer felt dizzy so they stopped him. She leaves from there. Karan recalls that how Rajveer told Srishti that he hate him.

Kavya goes to Preeta’s room. She says that she feels like they are connected ( Maa meri song plays in the background ). Shaurya hears this. He thinks that everyone is getting attached to Preeta that’s why Nidhi is getting insecure. He tells Kavya that Nidhi need the latter. Kavya leaves from there.

Karan tells Rajveer that he know he is the latter’s culprit. He says that he made mistake by trusting Preeta and Rajveer are no more. And says that he did not give anything to Rajveer and he failed as father and cries. He adds that Rajveer is right by hating him. He promises to rectify his mistakes and do whatever Rajveer wants him to do. He coughs and moves aside to not disturb Rajveer’s sleep.

Goons enters the room and tries to kill Rajveer. Karan beat them up. He says that he won’t let anyone touch his son. He threatens them. Shaurya hears Karan’s voice and enters the room. Karan tells Shaurya that goons tried to kill Rajveer. Shaurya beat goons up. Goons escapes from there. Shaurya chases them.

Shaurya recognizes Amar and asks who sent the latter. Amar says that Anshuman sent them to kill Karan and Rajveer. He runs from there. Shaurya says that he won’t spare Anshuman. He decides to meet Anshuman.

Preeta and Palki enters Rajveer’s room and gets shocked seeing the mess. Karan tells Preeta that everything is fine now. He says that Amar came to kill Rajveer. Palki tells him that Sandeep said a burqua lady hired him to kill Preeta and Nidhi. Preeta says that she don’t have an enemy. She recalls that how she met Alia. Karan says that he will find out the culprit. He decides to go to police station.

Episode ends.