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Episode begins with Rishabh asks lawyer to find a solution and he breaks the phone in anger. He tells Arjun that he never saw a lowlife like him. Mahesh asks him to calm down. Arjun asks Anjali that if he is doing the right thing because he don’t think he is right. Anjali tells him that he is right and asks him to control his emotions. Arjun asks Rishabh to check the details once again. Rishabh asks him to leave from there. He says that first time in his life he want to hate someone but he is not able to. He asks him to not take advantage of his goodness. Anjali tells them to leave the house in seven days.

On the other hand, Preeta tells Rakhi 5 Arjun is Karan because their fingerprints got matched. Rakhi tells her that her trust won. Kareena tells them that Arjun is not Karan because if he was Karan then he would not have told them to leave the house.

Anjali thinks that she is glad this is happening before Arjun’s truth comes out. Arjun asks her that why she told Luthras to leave the house in seven days. She tells him that she said like that so they don’t suspect him. He tells her that he won’t let his family leave this house. Kareena scolds Rakhi for calling Arjun as Karan.

Anjali tells Arjun that their plan will be flopped if he won’t tell Luthras to leave the house then. Arjun tells her that he don’t care about her plan. She tells him that he won’t be able to find out why Preeta and Rishabh tried to kill him. He asks her to not say anything against Preeta. She tells him that he has to make Luthras believe that he is Arjun.

Kareena tells Rakhi that it looks like Arjun came to take revenge on them. Rakhi tells her that she just know Arjun is Karan. Anjali tells Preeta that Arjun want to talk to her. Preeta leaves the room. Rakhi asks Anjali that how long the latter knows Arjun. Anjali lies to her that she know Arjun for 10 years.

Arjun tells Preeta that he won’t snatch the house from Luthras if she married him then. Preeta recalls the moments she shared with Karan and Arjun. She agrees to marry him which shocks everyone. He tells her that he will fix their marriage time and leaves from6 there. Anjali follows him.

Srishti tells Preeta that the latter need not to marry Arjun. Rakhi tells her that Preeta is going to marry Karan again. She shows the video to her which she recorded. She says that even fingerprints got matched. Srishti tells her that that could have been fabricated.

Anjali asks Arjun that what is all this. Arjun tells her that he don’t think Preeta tried to kill him. He reveals that he got to know Rishabh and Preeta don’t share husband and wife relationship and they are living like friends after marriage too. He says that Preeta is his wife for seven birth.

Rishabh tells Preeta that she should not have agreed. Rakhi tells him that Karan returned. He tells her that Arjun is not Karan. She says that Preeta took the right decision.

Episode ends.