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The episode starts with Preeta saying to Prithvi to think what he wants. She says that he may think that she cares for Luthras, but in that case she should stand along with them against Prithvi. They don’t like him ruling over them. She says that she doesn’t care about the Luthras and haven’t returned for their good, but for her own good. Prithvi asks if Preeta has come for him since he hates her. Preeta says that she hates to an extreme level. Prithvi says Preeta to say about her plan against him too. Preeta says that she has come to end Prithvi’s chapter. Prithvi shouts that no one can end his chapter.

Preeta says that she’s not the old Preeta whose weakness is her family with which Prithvi made her cry. She says that he may think of her like this, but she doesn’t care about it. She says that tonight it will be Prithvi’s last day in this house. She says that she got to know that Mahesh isn’t abnormal and his abnormal behavior it’s due to Mona mixing some drugs in his food. As Mahesh is now with his family, Mona can’t mix anything in his food. So he is normal and enjoying time with his family. She will go to Mahesh and expose Prithvi’s truth to him. Then he will throw Prithvi out of the house. She says that today Prithvi will get humiliated.

Karan comes to hiscroom looking for Preeta. He doesn’t find her there and goes to find her. Sherlyn is following him. Preeta begins to leave. Prithvi makes Preeta fall. The latter’s head gets hit in the door room and faints. Prithvi smirks and says that he won’t let her ruin his two years effort. He says that Preeta’s dream of proving Mahesh normal will remain a dream only as he will host the party as per his terms. Prithvi hears Karan calling out Preeta and gets nervous.

The judge asks Mahesh how he is feeling. Mahesh says that he feels good as his whole family is giving him attention on his birthday. The judge says that Mahesh doesn’t look abnormal and adds that he got better. Mahesh gives the credit to Preeta. He says that she arranged for all this, but she’s not here with him and asks to call Preeta. Srishti says that she will call her. The lawyer says to Srishti to tell Preeta that judge sees improvement in Mahesh’s health and he isn’t anymore abnormal. The judge repeats the same. Family gets happy on hearing this. Srishti thinks that Preeta will get happy knowing this since she wanted it.

Prithvi comes out of the room. Sherlyn sees him and thinks that Prithvi’s face says that something wrong and wonders what. Karan comes there and asks why he is smiling so much all of a sudden. Prithvi says that he remembered a joke that Karan said. Karan goes inside the room to find Preeta. Sherlyn asks Prithvi what he did now. Prithvi says that he attcked Preeta and she fainted shocking Sherlyn. Karan holds Prithvi’s shirt collar and asks if he had broken his family photo. Prithvi says that he hasn’t done this. It’s also his family. Sherlyn notices that Prithvi hid unconscious Preeta near the bed. Karan asks Sherlyn if he was following him. Prithvi realises that Karan notices Preeta from the angle he is standing. He gets a knife to attack Karan if he sees her.

Sherlyn denies it and says that family is worried for Preeta. As she only knows about Preeta’s surprise, she doesn’t want anyone doubt her, so she’s following him. Karan says that he find Preeta and she doesn’t need to worry. He leaves. Prithvi locks the door. Sherlyn says that they will get in trouble if Preeta gains her consciousness and tells this to the family or anyone sees her unconscious. Prithvi asks what to do now. He doesn’t even know if she’s unconscious or dead. Sherlyn says to Prithvi to somehow take Preeta away from this house. She leaves.

Prithvi realizes that Preeta is still alive and regrets it. He says that he still have chance to kill her. Srishti finds Karan and says that the judge, who declared Mahesh abnormal, admitted today that Mahesh is fit and fine now. He said that they should announce it. Karan gets happy hearing this. Srishti says that she will tell the same to Preeta. Karan says that he can’t find Preeta and her phone is also unreachable. Srishti says that Sherlyn told that disappearing is the part of dance. Sherlyn says that she doesn’t know where Preeta is now. Karan goes to find Preeta other side. Srishti goes to find Prithvi. Sherlyn tries to stop to go and find another side, but in vain. Srishti is looking for Preeta in a room. Someone hits Srishti from behind and the latter faints.

The episode ends.