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Episode begins with Karan tells himself that it’s been years and he did not forget Preeta. He realises that someone is there. Rakhi asks him that why he is trying to hide the love he has for Preeta. She says that she also miss Preeta so much and she expects Preeta’s return. And she share different kind of relationship with Preeta, that’s why she hate Preeta as well as she love Preeta. He tells her that he felt like Preeta called him. Nidhi comes there with medicine. Karan tells her that no need of medicine because he is feeling better. Nidhi notices ayurvedic medicine on Rakhi’s hands. And she tells Rakhi that they won’t work. He tells her that he applied balm so his headache is gone. Rakhi tells Karan to sleep and leaves from there.

In the hospital, Rajveer asks Srishti that why she don’t want his past to affect his present. Srishti tells him that he saw how Preeta reacted in Vipin’s marriage, because Preeta got only pain in her marriage life. He asks her that who is Anjali. She informs him everything about Anjali and also what all Anjali did with them. She reveals that Karan went into coma due to Anjali, but Luthras put the blame on Preeta. And Luthras snatched Shaurya also from Preeta. Then Preeta somehow saved Rajveer from Anjali. And after that Preeta lost her memory, but no one can erase dil ka connection that’s why Preeta’s heart knows Rajveer is her son.

He asks her that who throw Preeta out of the house and who gave pain to Preeta. She tells him that Luthras are responsible for Preeta’s this condition. She says that they did not try to search Preeta and Rajveer even though Karan came out of coma. She tells him that he is Karan Luthra’s son. He tells her that he know about Karan’s professional life because he is business student. He says that he never thought, his business guru is his father.

He reminds her that Preeta don’t like hospital smell so they will take Preeta to house. And he will give the happiness to Preeta which she deserves. He goes to arrange Preeta’s discharge. She says that she is glad Rajveer got to know the truth and she thanks God. And Rajveer will make everything fine for Preeta. She requests God to not separate them and bless them always.

Later, Rajveer vows to give a befitting reply to Luthras. He decides to make sure that Preeta gets her respect. Srishti tells him that, that won’t happen. She scolds him for talking about Luthras. He tells her that they are suffering due to Luthras and leaves from there. She says that she is not understanding that, what she should do now and she is scared.

Next day, Rishabh and Karan reaches the office of their business rival. Meanwhile, Rajveer shows Nidhi, Karan and Shaurya’s photo to Srishti. Srishti tells him that she never thought Nidhi will turn out like this.

Episode ends.