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Episode begins with Ramona asks how can Rakhi talk about what Mahira did in the reception when Preeta married Karan behind the veil taking Mahira’s place. Rakhi says whatever happened in the past is not matter now but the truth is now Preeta is Karan’s wife and she can’t deny that so she should control her daughter. She says Mahira become mad she always keep chanting Karan’s name and she feels like Mahira is obsessed with Karan and tells Ramona to take her daughter with her and teach her what is life and how to live when life doesn’t goes according to our wish.

Mahira says if she loving Karan makes her mad then she is okay with it and says it’s unfair for her. Preeta tells her to control herself. Mahira says if Preeta have controlled herself then this situation would not have arrived and says she is talking with Rakhi so she should not interfere.

Preeta says she has all the rights to interfere when someone troubles her family she will talk and she is Rakhi’s daughter in law. Mahira asks how can Rakhi say all these things when Preeta is the one who disrespected Luthra’s always and what all she did for Luthra’s and Karan going against Preeta in fact she protected Luthra’s respect and cries badly.

 Rakhi feels bad for her and tells her to accept the truth that now Preeta is Karan’s wife. She says today Preeta said something so Mahira felt bad, tomorrow anyone else may say something else to her and also whatever she did in the reception she can’t ignore that because of her behavior guests already bad mouthed about Luthra’s and what if that spreads everywhere and she can’t afford to let that happen that’s why Mahira leaving this house is best for everyone.


 She pleads Ramona to take Mahira with her. She apologize to Mahira saying she knows that Karan promised her that he will marry her but now that’s not possible because he is already a married man so she should understand that. Kareena asks what happened to Rakhi why she is telling Mahira to leave the house if anyone has to leave this house then that is Preeta arora. Rakhi says now Preeta is Luthra’s daughter in law and she has all the rights to live with Karan so it’s Mahira who should leave this house.

Kareena says from when Rakhi started to take decision against Mahira when she is the who was not even happy with the way Preeta married Karan and now suddenly asking Mahira to leave the house, it’s really hard to believe for her. Rakhi tells Kareena that Mahira can’t snatch Karan from Preeta because the truth is now Preeta is Karan’s wife.


Karan moves towards Mahira and says she is his best friend and he wants just happiness for her and she is not happy in this house in fact he even noticed that how much she changed here and she is spoiling her life for him which he doesn’t want it to happen. Ramona says she never faced this much insult in her life and tells Mahira to leave with her.

Mahira says she won’t leave and pleads Luthra’s to not sent her. In anger she pushes Rakhi saying she won’t leave from here which shocks everyone. Dadi gets angry and tells Mahira to leave the house. Rishab expresses his disappointment towards her and Mahira leaves from there. Preeta reaches Mahira’s room. Mahira says Preeta would be so happy today. Preeta says Mahira should be happy that still Luthra’s doesn’t know the truth of Mahira. She says Mahira’s own plan backfired on her.

 Mahira says she won’t forget anything and will attack Preeta when she is so happy in her life. She says she will snatch everything from her and will make sure that she regrets for marrying Karan and that day will come for sure.


Episode ends.