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Episode begins with Preeta tells Daljeet that she don’t think Karan is responsible for Nidhi’s suicide attempt. Daljeet says that she has an important work to do. She takes Shanaya from there. Gurpreet tells Preeta that the latter is not looking fine. Rajveer informs Daljeet that Preeta’s blood pressure became low. Preeta says that she is fine. Daljeet tells Preeta to take rest. She sends Mohit to bring fruits. Preeta goes inside. Palki tells Rajveer that she hope he did what is right. Daljeet returns and takes Palki from there.

In the police station, Mahesh meets Karan. Karan asks Mahesh about Nidhi’s condition. Mahesh says that Nidhi will become fine. Karan says that Shaurya will become normal if Nidhi is fine then. Mahesh informs Karan that it won’t be easy to get bail if Nidhi did not regain consciousness then. Karan says that he trust law and he will be released definitely because he did nothing wrong. He asks Mahesh to calm down. Varun comes there and consoles Mahesh. Karan requests Varun to take care of his family especially Kavya. Varun asks Karan to not worry about them. He leaves from there with Mahesh. Karan cries.

Daljeet tells Palki that the latter’s marriage can’t happen with Rajveer. Palki says that no one can break her and Rajveer’s relationship. Daljeet says that she will make sure that happens. Palki goes inside. Daljeet gets angry. She tells Shanaya that she won’t leave Palki today.

In the Luthra house, Rakhi tells Dadi that they know Karan is innocent so he will be released. She says that Nidhi loves Shaurya so much so Nidhi will become fine. And says that Preeta went to her house so she is happy and she think nothing wrong will happen with them now. She tells thanks to God.

Daljeet asks Palki to open the door. She assumes that Palki may try to commit suicide and gets worried. Shanaya asks Palki to open the door. Palki opens the door. Daljeet slaps Palki. She scolds Palki for doing drama.

Shaurya cries seeing Nidhi. He recalls the moments he spent with her. He holds her that and asks her to wake up. He says that he can’t live without her. He promises to protect her from now on. He apologises to her for not taking care of her. Kavya hears this and cries. Varun consoles her. Kavya hugs him.

Rajveer sees Preeta sleeping and thinks that soon she will understand Karan is bad person. He says that he don’t like Nidhi but he feels bad for her.

Daljeet’s mother in law comes to Daljeet house. Daljeet takes her mother in law blessing. Palki also takes Beeji blessing. Rajveer greets Beeji. Shanaya introduces Rajveer to Beeji. Beeji says that she like Rajveer for Palki. Palki gets happy and hugs Beeji.

Karan gets surprised seeing Preeta in the police station. Preeta tells him that she brought food for him. He tells her that he is not hungry. But she convinces him to eat. She tells him that he is really good person.

Episode ends.