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Episode begins with Mahira says Preeta claimed herself as Sita and will live in Luthra house with Karan happily but unfortunately she won’t get her Ram instead she arranged Ravan for her.

Arora’s reaches Luthra house and Sristy says she is feeling strange because first time they are coming here as a relatives of Luthra’s and says they accepted Preeta that’s why they arranged reception and ‘Muh dikhayi’ for her. Rakhi notices them and welcomes them and introduces them to her friend. When Sarla searched Preeta, Rakhi tells her that Preeta getting ready for the function. Sristy and Janki goes inside leaving Sarla alone.

Kareena taunts Sarla and mocks her upbringing and says she is the one who advised Preeta to take NGO help to enter their house. Sarla says if Kareena finished talking then she wants to say something and says Preeta respects Luthra’s and loves them too so it will be better if they too starts to love her instead of hating her. Kareena asks why she will love Preeta, will she call NGO people again if denies to listen her.

Preeta asks Mahira that who is Ravan, about whom she is talking. Mahira says whatever Preeta wanted to do she did it now it’s her turn and she is gonna do many things now. She says she already arranged everything and asks her to guess what she gonna do that Karan himself will remove the vermilion from her forehead and she herself will give her nuptial chain to her. Preeta says if Mahira told this much then she should tell her whole plan too.

Mahira says she can feel the fear in her voice and she likes it. Preeta says she just wanted to know her stupid plan because she knows Mahira doesn’t have brain and tells her to leave the room. Mahira asks why she should leave, she sits on the bed and says it’s going to be her room and Karan was always hers from beginning so now she is gonna snatch everything from Preeta.

Preeta says Mahira become mad because she is not understanding that Karan already married her. Mahira says she already warned her that if anyone comes between her and Karan then she won’t leave them even if it is Luthra’s. She says even if Karan himself denies to accept her then she won’t leave him too. Hearing her Preeta gets angry and slaps her.

Pawan reaches Luthra house. Sarla says no one can force someone to love she just wants to make Kareena understand that Preeta is a good person and she loves them so much and cares for them too. Kareena says Preeta loves money nothing else. Sarla asks Dadi to tell Kareena that she should not talk like that about their daughter in law.

Ramona says Sarla acts really well, she looks innocent but such a cunning lady. Sarla says she never wanted Karan as her son in law, she just wanted a guy who loves her daughter but what to do Preeta loves Karan that’s why she is supporting her now. Sristy comes there and takes Sarla with her.

Preeta warns Mahira to not even utter a word about Luthra’s. She says until she is here Mahira and Sherlyn can’t do anything to hurt Luthra’s. Mahira says Preeta won’t be here to protect Luthra’s and says she is gonna abduct her. Preeta tries to go outside but Mahira hits on her head. Mahira says no one will come to save her now and it’s time for Ravan’s entry. Preeta gasps in pain and shocks hearing her.

Episode ends.