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Episode begins with Kritika asks Kareena about the proofs which Rakhi has. Kareena tells her about birth mark and fingerprints. She says that she also miss Karan so much so she can understand Rakhi’s emotions. She tells her that Arjun’s mannerisms are similar to Karan that’s why Rakhi is behaving like this. She says that she would have recognized Karan if Arjun was Karan then. Next day, Rishabh explains to magistrate that why he married Preeta. Magistrate tells them that their marriage is invalid if Karan is alive then. He asks them to sign on the divorce papers. Rishabh and Preeta signs on the divorce papers. Magistrate approves their divorce.

Arjun learns that Rishabh and Preeta got divorced. He tells Dadi to call the Priest. He takes Dadi with her. Anjali enters her room and cries recalling the moments she shared with Arjun. She picks Priyanka’s call and cries. Priyanka gets worried and tells her that she will meet her.

Arjun enters Luthra house with Dadi and Priest. Dadi asks Mohan to make tea for them. Luthras comes there. Dadi tells Rakhi that she talked to Priest. Mahesh asks that what’s the need of this drama. Preeta recalls the moments she shared with Arjun and goes inside. Srishti takes Arjun with her to talk to him. Rakhi says that she will bring Preeta’s horoscope and goes inside. Mahesh is about to react but Rishabh stops him. He asks him that how can the latter behave calm in this situation.

Rishabh tells him that he has so many questions. He says that Preeta agreed for this marriage and Rakhi is supporting Preeta’s decision. He tells him that Rakhi and Preeta are two people whom he trust and respect so much. Sameer asks him that if the latter don’t have any problem with Arjun and Preeta’s marriage. Rishabh tells him that he can’t do anything even if he has any problem. He says that Preeta’s happiness matters for him and he trust Preeta’s decision.

Priyanka asks Anjali that why the latter is crying. Anjali tells her that Arjun is going to marry Preeta. She says that she love Arjun so much. Priyanka asks her to control her emotions. Anjali asks her that why Arjun can’t see her love. She says that she will lose Arjun permanently if his marriage happened with Preeta then. Prithvi hears everything. He tells her that he is feeling bad for her. He promises to her that he will help her to get Arjun but in return he want money. She calls security guards.

Srishti asks Arjun that why he want to marry Preeta. Arjun tells her that he want everything which belongs to Rishabh. She tells him that Preeta is not a thing. He tells her that she will understand everything soon. She gets shocked learning that day after tomorrow is marriage date. Meanwhile, Security guards throws Prithvi out of the house. Prithvi tells Anjali that only he can help her to get Arjun.

Episode ends.