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The episode begins with Mahira says Preeta will regret for marrying Karan and she will bring that day in her life. Preeta says Mahira got chance to rectify her mistakes and start a new life but she lost that chance and she won’t regret ever for marrying Karan and says Mahira can’t separate her from Karan.

Mahira comes down stairs with her luggage and says she doesn’t want to leave from here and pleads Karan to stop her saying she can’t stay away from him because she loves him. He yells at her saying she is misunderstanding that she loves him it’s just that she feels something was snatched from her. He says she wanted him but forgot it he is a human and denied to accept his reality so it will be better if she leaves this house and tells her to move on her life saying life is big and he wants to see her happy.

She says she can’t move on and cries badly. He says he is not her life and there is much more things waiting for her, she just needs to notice that and she may get better guy than him who can fulfill her dreams. She hugs him and he tries to push her saying everyone seeing but denies to leave him. Preeta holds Mahira’s hand and drags her and throws her out of the house and locks the door from inside. Rakhi thinks today she can’t explain her decision to others but it was necessary and leaves from there.

Rishab asks what happened to Karan and says he is also feeling bad that wrong happened with Mahira but whatever she did was also not right. He says Rakhi took this decision after thinking a lot and it’s good for them and also for Mahira so he need not to feel guilty. Preeta calls Sarla and says till now she supported her a lot and today something unbelievable happened in Luthra house and Arora’s won’t believe even if she tells them what happened here and says everything happened because of Sarla. Sristy asks why won’t they believe her.

Preeta says Sarla talked with Rakhi about Mahira so today Rakhi told Mahira to leave the house and now she is not in Luthra house. Arora’s shocks hearing her. Sristy gets excited and starts to jump. Sarla gets happy. Preeta says everything happened because of Sarla and invites them for her ‘Muh dikhayi’ which going to happen tomorrow again and cuts the call.

She feels happy and notices Karan coming towards the room and acts like talking with someone and says nothing is special in Karan Luthra in fact she is feeling normal only with him and she isn’t understanding what other girls sees in him that they are crazy for him. Karan overhears everything standing behind her.

She says she is even sharing room with him still she doesn’t have any feelings for him and he is not attractive too. He takes the mobile from her and says she doesn’t have heart that’s why she doesn’t have any feelings but his heart filled with feelings only and he realises that no one is there on the other side.

Prithvi shocks seeing Sherlyn in his house and she hugs him. He wonders why she is hugging him when she was so angry on him. She says he is nothing without her and warns him to not do anything to get Preeta otherwise she won’t support him. He says they are forgetting their main plan which is destroying Luthra’s. Karan lays on the bed and tells Preeta sleep somewhere else in the room. She sleeps on the sofa and struggles because of cold and calls him as heartless because he isn’t switching off the AC even after seeing her struggle too.

Episode ends.