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Episode begins with Arjun asks Preeta that why she agreed to marry him. Preeta tells him that she felt that’s the right thing to do for Rakhi and others. He asks her that if she felt that’s the right decision for her too. She tells him that she agreed to answer his one question only. He tells her that he will ask her two questions and she can ask him two questions. She asks him that why he want to marry her. He tells her that he can’t think about anyone else except her.

On the other hand, Priyanka asks Anjali to accept Prithvi’s help. Anjali tells her that she failed to change Arjun’s decision so Prithvi can’t do anything. Priyanka asks her to talk to Prithvi once because he know Luthras very well. She says that Prithvi can do anything so it’s not wrong to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Arjun tells Preeta that he will marry her only. Preeta gets emotional hearing him. He asks her that if she will marry him even if he let them stay in Luthra house without any condition. She nods at him which shocks him. She tells him that she feels good when she thinks about him. She says that she gets happy when he is around her. She tells him that she want them to enjoy the life together. She says that she missed Arjun so much when he was not around her but she could not say anything when he was in front of her.

She tells him that she feel like he is her everything. She recalls that how Rakhi told her that Arjun lost his memory. She tells him that if he wanted to hear all this which shocks him. She says that she agreed to marry him because she want to trouble him like he troubled her family. She asks him to change his decision if he wants. He tells her that he won’t change his decision and he will trouble her too after marriage. She cries and leaves from there.

Anjali reaches Prithvi’s house. She tells Prithvi that she want his help. Prithvi tells her that he won’t help her. Sherlyn tells him that Anjali is their friend. Anjali apologizes to Prithvi. Sherlyn tells Anjali that she will help her because she can’t let Preeta win.

Priest sees Preeta and Arjun’s horoscopes. Preeta thinks that Arjun’s horoscope must be fake. Priest says that horoscopes got matched. He adds that marriage can happen day after tomorrow. Kareena says that marriage can’t happen this soon. Rakhi tells her that she will arrange everything. Arjun tells Rishabh that he is staying in guest room for now but after marriage he will shift to his room. Rakhi says that Arjun is acting like bad boy.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that she can’t do anything without him. Sherlyn tells him that she is an old player so she can handle alone. Prithvi tells Anjali that he will help her. Arjun calls Anjali and informs her about marriage date.

Episode ends.