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Episode begins with Janki scolds Sristy for not doing the work properly. Preeta keeps doing the work silently, Sristy notices that. Sristy asks Preeta to take rest saying she is continuesly working from long time. She asks her to watch tv to feel better. Preeta asks why should she watch tv. Sristy says Preeta need to divert her mind that’s why. Preeta says there is no need to divert her mind. Sristy says she knows that now Preeta thinking about Karan. Preeta says she is not thinking about him and Sristy became mad. Preeta agrees to Sristy that she was thinking about him but he is bad person with bad heart and she hates that kind of person so she doesn’t want to meet him again. Sarla hears her and says Preeta is right that Karan is not good guy and that’s what she wanted to make her understand always but she is glad that she finally understand that. Preeta says now Karan doesn’t matter for her and asks Sarla to be happy. Sarla says Sristy didn’t bought the right vegetables so she is going to market to buy them.

Preeta goes to her room and says she doesn’t want to think about Karan but his thoughts keep coming to her mind and not leaving. Sristy tells Janki that it’s so strange that Preeta and Sarla acting like they are normal in this situation. She says she feels like everything going to fine. Janki says nothing going to happen like that. Sristy says if Karan realized Preeta’s importance in his life then he himself will come to bring Preeta. She says Karan should keep his ego aside and should do what his heart tells him to do. Karan comes to arora house and asks Sristy that where is Preeta. Preeta comes outside hearing his voice and they stares each other painfully and they recalls the moments they shared with each other.

Karan holds Preeta’s hand and tries to take her with him. She says she won’t go with him until he says where he is taking her. Karan says he is taking her to his house. Sristy thinks Karan realized his feelings and gets happy. Preeta asks why he is taking her to his house. Karan says he is going to marry Mahira and Preeta should witness his marriage. He says everyone thinks he is afraid to lose her but to prove them wrong he is doing this. He says Preeta wants to become his wife and that’s why trying to break his marriage with Mahira. She says he is wrong. Janki says Preeta won’t go with him to his house. Karan says Preeta will go with him for sure because this is the only way that he can prove that he has no place for Preeta in his heart. He asks Sristy to bring Preeta to his marriage and leaves from there after giving a wedding invitation to Preeta.

Preeta goes to her room and cries. Sristy says they have to handle Preeta now and asks Preeta to open the door. In the market one Theif snatches Sarla’s purse from her and runs away from there. Karan sees that and runs behind that Theif. Preeta recalls what Karan told her just few minutes ago. Sristy gets worried for Preeta and breaks the door. Preeta says she is not that much weak to not handle this situation. She says her mind wasn’t working for sometime so she wanted to stay alone that’s it.She says she doesn’t likes it when Sristy cries for her and says Karan is not that much important. She says she will call Sarla to know about her whereabouts and asks them to not tell anything to Dadi about these all. Janki says she won’t tell.

Episode ends.