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The episode begins with Preeta sleeps on the sofa and struggles because of cold and calls Karan as heartless because he isn’t switching off the AC even after seeing her struggle. He says he doesn’t care about what she says and there is quilt in the cupboard if she wants she can use that instead of cursing him.

 She takes the quilt and covers her with it to get rid of the cold. He deliberately makes noise like snore. She says when someone disturbs her sleep then she sleep walks and takes the knife to stabs that person who was disturbing her sleep and warns him to not disturb her otherwise it will be dangerous for him.

 He laughs at her and sleeps after wishing good night to her. Kareena enters Sameer’s room and says she noticing that nowadays he is not listening her. He asks what he did that she is saying this now. She says she saw how he was over friendly with Sristy in the party. He says she misunderstood.

 She says he is right actually he was dancing romantically with Sristy and asks how dare he to ask her for dance that too in front of her. She says she already warned him then what is he doing instead of doing work. She tells him to concentrate on his work only if she saw him again with Sristy then she will send him back.

 Sristy calls Sameer, Kareena cuts the call and leaves from there. Sristy wonders why Sameer didn’t pick her call, what if someone is beside him otherwise he won’t do that because they are very good friends. Sarla who came there to give water bottle to Sristy hears her and gives it to her.

 Sristy gets worried thinking did Sarla heard what she said about Sameer. Sarla decides to keep Sristy away from Luthra’s because Preeta already faced lot because of them and she can’t let Sristy too suffer like Preeta. She prays to God to give strength to Preeta so she can fight to get her rights.


Karan wakes up and notices that Preeta shivering in her sleep, he says she deserves it for teasing him then he switches off the AC and moves towards her and starts to adore her face without his knowledge and asks himself that why he is gazing her like she looks pretty now and leaves from his room.

Rishab wakes up. Sherlyn asks did he need coffee and says she has lot of work to do for ‘Muh dikhayi’. He says he will make it for him and asks where she went yesterday night. She recalls how she reached Prithvi’s house and lies to him saying she was with Mahira. He asks how can she meet Mahira and says he is really not understanding how to make her understand the situation.

 Preeta wakes up and wonders how she slept peacefully then realises what Karan would have done. Rishab tells Sherlyn that Mahira did wrong with Luthra’s. Sherlyn thinks she can’t stay silent until she separates Karan and Preeta. Preeta tries to tie her dori. Karan says he will help her but she denies to take his help.

Karan tells her to not think too much and says he is just helping her to tie the dori nothing else, she is reacting like he is tying her with him. She asks why he is helping her when she didn’t asked for it. He replies saying he loves her that’s why. He realises what he said and both stays silent. He changes the topic. She tells him to tie the dori instead of blabbering. Both gets affected with each other’s closeness.


Episode ends.