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Episode begins with Arjun informs Anjali about his marriage date. Anjali congratulates him. He asks her to send designer to Luthra house because he shifted to Luthra house and disconnects the call. Anjali asks Prithvi about his plan. Prithvi tells her that he will think about it and tell her. On the other hand, Kritika tells Kareena and Dadi that she feel like Arjun is planning something against Luthras. She says that Arjun is double faced person for sure and she is sure they are going to end up in big trouble due to him. Kareena wonders that what they should do to flop Arjun’s plan. Srishti comes there and tells them that they should stop Arjun and Preeta’s marriage. Kritika tells Srishti that they will do something. Kareena agrees with her.

Anjali tells Prithvi that they don’t have much time to think because day after tomorrow is marriage date. Prithvi asks her to keep Arjun away from Luthras. She informs him that Arjun shifted to Luthra house. He tells her that he is not understanding Arjun at all. Sherlyn says that Preeta is really lucky that’s why she gets all the good guy. Prithvi promises to Anjali that she will become Arjun’s bride. Anjali asks him that how that will happen. He asks her to trust him. He says that he will send bank details to her. Anjali nods at him and leaves from there.

Rakhi tries to get designer Rocky’s number and she refuses to talk to Mahesh. Mahesh sends designer Rocky’s number to Rakhi. Rakhi talks to Rocky.

In the kitchen, Arjun asks Kavya to share apple with him but she refuses. He tries to snatch the knife from her so she does not get hurt. Preeta misunderstands him and scolds him for snatching apple from Kavya. Kavya clears the misunderstanding. Preeta apologizes to Arjun on Kavya’s behest. Kavya tells them to do handshake so they does it. Kavya places a kiss on Arjun’s cheeks. Arjun cut apple and feeds Kavya. Kavya also feeds Arjun. Preeta smiles seeing that. Rishabh sees everything and leaves from there.

After some time, Rakhi asks Preeta to choose jewels for marriage. Preeta tells her that marriage should be simple because others don’t know Arjun is Karan. Rakhi asks her to not think what others will say. She says that they have so many proofs to prove Arjun is Karan and she talks about proofs. She tells her that Karan returned in her life and she wants her happiness. Mohan overhears their conversation and he tells about it to Prithvi.

Prithvi drops the phone in shock. Sherlyn asks him that what happened. He asks her that why they did not think why Arjun is interested in Luthras. He tells her that Arjun is Karan and Luthras has proofs to prove that. She asks him that how is this possible. He tells her that someone saved Karan for sure that’s why Arjun’s fingerprints got matched with Karan’s fingerprints. She tells him that which means Preeta is marrying Karan. He tells her that he won’t let this marriage happen no matter what.

Episode ends.