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Episode begins with Preeta tells Mahesh that now she is going to live in Luthra house only so she will fulfill all the responsibilities of his daughter law and he also has to fulfill his responsibility towards her for that first he has to wake up and she wants to see his smile. Rakhi who came there gets emotional hearing her.

 Preeta thanks Rakhi and says she really felt like she become daughter in law of this house when she asked Mahira to leave the house. Rakhi says she did the thing which is right for this house and wrong happened she took that decision to rectify that but yeah she should have done that earlier. She tells her to prepare a sweet dish as ritual.

Preeta gets happy hearing her and leaves from there. Rakhi says she knows that Mahesh likes Preeta she too liked her but recently few things happened which she can’t ignore and she lost the trust she had on her and whenever she lost the trust she tried to trust her again. She says she also wants to behave with her like she used to but she broke her heart by breaking her trust.

 She tells him to wake up soon, she doesn’t want anything else right now. Preeta was making halwa and Karan comes there. She searches sugar and he says he thought she called him as sugar because his ex girlfriend used to call him like that. She asks then why she left him, because of diabetics or what.

 He says she is just jealous and teases her. While crossing her his arms touches her by mistake. She says he is touching her intentionally and says while tying dori also he touched her, it’s not like it doesn’t happen between husband and wife and tells him to not touch her without her permission.

 He hugs her and asks how he touched her, he gets so close to her and tells in her ear that he won’t touch her like this without her permission and leaves her. She tries to get the sugar from the cupboard and he was gazing her which she notices and he leaves from there to escape from the embarrassment. Sherlyn sees everything without their knowledge.


Karan thinks what happened to him and why he was gazing her like that. Sherlyn enters the kitchen and tells her to give respect to elders instead of day dreaming. Preeta asks where is the elder person and says if Sherlyn was good daughter in law then she would have gave her the respect and moreover respect should be earned not asked. Sherlyn says she is elder daughter in law of this house and everyone will trust her only. Preeta says Luthra’s are very innocent that’s why she could easily hide her pregnancy to them and plotting against them staying in their house itself.


Rakhi gets happy seeing her sister Nimmi. Nimmi complaints about Rakhi to Dadi saying she doesn’t even had time to call her. She says Rakhi didn’t even invited her for her son’s marriage and teases her. She meets Karan and asks about Rishab. Karan says he is not in the house right now. She asks Dadi to introduce her to their daughter in laws.


Sristy was talking to herself wondering what could have happened with Sameer. Sarla tells her that she is worried for Preeta because Luthra’s are such a selfish people. Rakhi introduces Nimmi to Preeta and Sherlyn. They takes blessings from Nimmi. Nimmi says she has just 1 neck piece but 2 daughter in laws so she is going to give it to the person who is going to win her heart. Later Nimmi tells Rakhi that Preeta seems perfect choice for Karan.


Episode ends.