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Episode begins with Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Rishabh will help them and leaves from there. Sherlyn thinks that Rishabh must be in pain. On the other hand, Sameer asks Rishabh that what happened. Rishabh tells him that he made mistake by buying that land. He says that he failed in business. Sameer tells him that Arjun is cunning. Rishabh tells him that he failed to understand that also.

Arjun asks Anjali that why she is not letting anyone take his clothes. He reminds her that he is shifting to Luthra house. Anjali tells him that he did not discuss about this with her. He tells her that she only wanted him to take over Luthra house and he want to stay with his family now. He asks her that what is bothering her. She tells him that he is leaving her. He tells her that she can stay in Luthra house too. She tells him that she is not his family member.

She gives his luggage to him and says that she won’t stop him. He tells her that he want her presence in his marriage. She tells him that she will be there but she won’t be visible for him and goes to her room. He leaves the house with his luggage. Dadi asks Anjali that why the latter is behaving like this. Anjali tells her that she won’t let this marriage happen.

Next day, Rishabh enters his cabin. He recalls Preeta’s words. He thinks that it would have been good if he can take decision for Preeta this time. He tells himself that he has to respect Preeta’s decision. Meanwhile, Preeta sees Arjun sleeping. Arjun wakes up. She tells him that he should have left for office. He tells her that he won’t go office today and he enters the washroom. She finds her and Kavya’s photo in Arjun’s wallet. She recalls that how Arjun claimed that Kavya is his daughter.

Later, Rishabh leaves from office. Prithvi follows him. Sherlyn thinks that if Preeta is marrying Karan then Rishabh is free. She asks God to let her marriage happen with Rishabh.

Rakhi asks Arjun to select outfit for marriage. Anjali brings designer there. Arjun tells her that he finalized the outfit. He asks Rakhi to select outfit for him. Rakhi gets happy hearing him and she selects outfit for him. He says that he will wear that outfit. Mahesh is about to slip but Arjun saves him. Anjali tries to talk to Arjun but the latter ignores her. Rakhi tells Mahesh that she know he felt Arjun is Karan. Mahesh tells her that he felt like that because she was keep saying that. He learns that Rishabh won’t come home today.

Arjun asks Anjali that why she is behaving weird. He tells her that she is his friend and he want her support. Anjali tells him that she feel like she will lose him and hugs him. Preeta sees that.

Episode ends.