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Episode begins with Nimmi tells Rakhi that Preeta is really beautiful and she seems lovable and traditional girl too and Rakhi choosed the correct girl for Karan. She says even though marriage happened in whatever circumstances Karan got married to the right girl that’s what matters now. Karan overheard Nimmi’s talks and wonders why he is feeling happy hearing praises for Preeta and says it’s happening first time with him. Sarla says Preeta will feel bad if no one came to attend her ‘Muh Dikhai’ so Janki and Sristy should leave for Luthra house and if she takes some rest then her fever will be down too.

Sristy says she won’t go anywhere leaving Sarla like this. Sarla says nothing happened to her and says Preeta will be waiting for them and tells her to go there. Janki says Sarla is right, she will take care of Sarla so Sristy should go to Luthra house. Sristy asks why they are not understanding her and says she will call Preeta now but Sarla stops her saying Preeta will be worried if she gets to know about her fever so she should not spoil her mood now. But Sristy video calls Preeta and informs her about Sarla’s fever and says she can’t attend her function leaving Sarla here.

Sarla says she is really fine it’s just normal fever because of climate change nothing else. Preeta says they can’t take it lightly and tells Sristy to take care of Sarla. Sarla tells her to enjoy the function instead of worrying about her. Preeta tells Sameer that it’s her special day but no one coming from Arora’s and feels bad for it. Sameer says through video call he will show everything to Arora’s so they doesn’t miss anything and consoles Preeta.

Sherlyn was recalling her insult. Sanjana comes there and says she heard about Ramona. Sherlyn says Mahira also left the house because of Rakhi. Sanjana asks why she didn’t informed about it. Sherlyn gets hyper and says after whatever Mahira did even she could not able to defend her in front of Luthra’s. Sanjana says Mahira did big mistake. Sherlyn says everything happened because of Sarla, she only instigated Rakhi against Mahira. She says because of guilt Rakhi told Mahira to leave the house.

Sanjana says she doesn’t care about Mahira but what will happen to Sherlyn if Luthra’s get to know about her truth. Sherlyn says she is already in tension and tells her to not talk about all this now. She says for Preeta, Sarla took stand and the result is Mahira is out of the house and tells her to do something for her so Preeta can leave the house too. Sanjana says that time situation was different with Sarla, now what she can do for Sherlyn. Sherlyn yells at her. Sanjana says till now Sherlyn, Mahira tried a lot but now she will do something to throw Preeta out of Luthra house.

Kareena, Dadi invites the guests. Nimmi asks Rakhi that Kareena changed or still with her old behaviour. Rakhi tells her to not talk like this. Nimmi meets Kareena. Sameer and Rishab teases Karan. Rakhi tells Karan to open Preeta’s veil. Nimmi says husband has to give gift to his wife during this ritual. Karan thinks he doesn’t know about it. Rakhi gives the ring to him and tells him to give it to Preeta.

Karan enters under Preeta’s veil and says from morning she is getting VIP treatment. She says everyone seeing what is he doing. He says he is talking with her that’s it. Guests teases the couple. Kareena feels embarrassed and complaints about it to Dadi. Dadi tells her to ignore it. Karan makes her wear the ring which Rakhi gave him.

Episode ends.