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Episode begins with Preeta tells Roma that it looks like the latter is stopping her from going inside. Roma asks how can Preeta talk like this. Kareena tells them that she has something to talk to Preeta. She takes Preeta inside and scolds Preeta. She says that they are from bride side and they can’t talk like that with Roma. Preeta says that they are giving their daughter and they are not less than Varun’s family. Kareena asks Preeta that whether the latter think she is Kavya’s mother. She says that Nidhi gave marriage function responsibilities to Preeta so Preeta has to take care of them only.

Preeta says that she did not say anything wrong to Roma. Kareena says that she won’t tolerate if Kavya’s marriage got cancelled because of Preeta then. She leaves from there. Dadi asks Kareena that what happened. Kareena tells Dadi that Preeta talked rudely with Roma. Rakhi says that if Kavya’s marriage got cancelled because of Preeta then Preeta won’t stay in Luthra house. Dadi says that Kavya should stay away from Preeta.

Beeji tells Daljeet that they should separate Palki and Rajveer today. Daljeet’s tells her that Rajveer rarely does mistake. Beeji says that they can manipulate Palki. Daljeet asks Palki to concentrate on Rajveer because he don’t care about the latter nowadays. She lies that she heard Rajveer talking to someone on a call and he said Palki is madly in love with him and not leaving him. Palki says that that’s not possible. Beeji says that she also heard that. Shanaya asks Shaurya that when their mehendi function will happen. Shaurya tells her that their family will decide that.

Karan notices that Preeta is tensed. He wonders why Preeta is tensed. Mehendi lady comes there. Preeta goes to her. Rajveer tries to learn the passcode from Mahesh. Palki asks him to choose mehendi design for her. Rajveer refuses and leaves from there.

Preeta recalls Rakhi and Kareena’s words. Karan asks her that what’s bothering her. She lies to him that she is fine. Karan leaves from there. Aarohi tells Preeta that Karan loves Nidhi so much. Preeta tells her that she know that. Aarohi wonders why Preeta is not getting jealous.

Rajveer asks Palki that what happened. Palki tells him that Daljeet said she is not his priority. She says that Rajveer did not even select mehendi design for her so she is worried about their future. He tells her that they won’t talk about it now and leaves from there.

Rakhi asks Varun to apply shagun ki mehendi. Sandy applies mehendi on his hand. He dances with Luthra ladies and Roma. Rajveer thinks that he has to find out the passcode of Karan’s locker. He recalls that how Mahesh said Rakhi know the passcode. Shaurya asks Sandy that what happened to the latter. Sandy says that he is enjoying and Kavya is his sister too. He tells Shaurya that Palki looks upset. Shaurya tells Detective to follow Karan everywhere. Detective tells Shaurya that he know his job. Preeta tells Karan that she is happy to know he loves Nidhi so much. Karan gets shocked hearing this.

Episode ends.