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Episode begins with Preeta was helping in pooja preparations. Rakhi stops her from doing work saying she kept fasting also her health condition is not good so she should take rest now. Preeta says by that logic Rakhi also needs rest now.

 Rakhi says she is keeping fasting for many years so now she is used to this but for Preeta it’s her first time and she looks tired also and tells her to take rest. Preeta says if Rakhi take rest then she will listen her otherwise not. Rakhi nods at her and tells her to bring Karan saying guest’s starts to come.

Mahira tells Preeta that she got bail for Sarla with her emotional drama and now she will witness that how Karan going to complete her fasting and for that she need not to do any drama like her instead she will be silent. Preeta tells her to not inform about her mind games because she is not interested in that. Mahira asks is she afraid of her.

 Preeta says she knows Mahira is mad and she doesn’t have time to waste on her and leaves from there saying she has better things to do now. Mahira says she is just reminding her challenge and today Karan will complete her fasting in front of her  and Preeta can’t do anything else than standing there helplessly. She says Preeta may think what she is going to do but can’t guess for sure.

 Preeta says this ritual is just a game for Mahira so she can play the way she wants but if she harmed her family by chance then she won’t leave her and will protect her family by becoming their shield. Mahira asks what she can do to protect Karan.

 Preeta says her relationship is strong with Karan and she need not to protect him because he won’t go behind anyone, she definitely have that much trust on him and third person like her can’t break their bond just like that so she can do whatever she wants to do and leaves from there.


Prithvi calls Sherlyn and asks where is she now. She says she is in her room only and he jumps inside the room through window. She shocks seeing him there and asks what is he doing here. He says he knows that she loves him so much and kept fasting for him so he came to complete her fasting. She says she didn’t kept any fasting and she is eating since morning after all she can’t stay hungry. Hearing footsteps Prithvi hides there. Seeing Rishab in her room Sherlyn shocks. He asks why her face looks pale. She gets relieved thinking he didn’t saw Prithvi. Prithvi gets to know that Rishab knows about Sherlyn’s pregnancy.


Everyone waits for moon. Rakhi asks Sherlyn about Rishab. She replies saying he is busy with call. Everyone gets happy seeing moon. Mahira faints and Karan gets worried for her. Sherlyn tells him to do something. She recalls how she told her to do the act of fainting and Karan will give water to her for sure but Ramona was not sure about this plan.

 Karan tells Girish to bring water. By mistake glass slips from Girish’s hand and he goes to bring another glass of water. Preeta smiles seeing that. Kareena says they should call the doctor but Sherlyn opposes her. Karan goes to bring water but Rakhi stops him and tells him to complete Preeta’s fasting first because she didn’t ate anything since morning and she will stay with Mahira. She tells Preeta to start the pooja.

Preeta begins happily and looks at Karan. Girish gives water to Mahira. Kareena takes Girish’s name. Mahira opens her eyes and shocks seeing Girish and looks at Karan, Preeta. Karan completes Preeta’s fasting. Preeta took blessing of Rakhi. Frustrated Mahira enters her room and throws all her things. Everyone leaves the terrace except Karan, Preeta. They gazes each other lovingly and looks at the moon.


Episode ends.