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Episode begins with Prithvi gets excited seeing Sristy in Luthra house and others shocks seeing his behaviour. He asks why everyone looking at him like this and says he is seeing her after long time so he is happy to see her and says he was in Chandigarh with Krithika, she used to talk a lot about Sristy. Rakhi tells Sristy to come inside. Sristy deliberately hits him but acts like it was an accident and apologize to him.

He asks when she will learn to walk properly looking at front and says she won’t change. She says he also didn’t change and goes to Krithika and hugs her. Kareena asks Sristy that why she came. Sristy says Preeta told her that Prithvi wanted her to do decorations for his marriage that’s why she is here. Sherlyn glares Preeta. Preeta notices that and wonders why Sherlyn glaring her instead Sherlyn’s partner.

Mahira waits for Karan and tells him to not react seeing what’s happening inside the house. He gets confused hearing her and asks what is she taking saying. She says Prithvi came with his mother. He thanks her for informing him and goes inside. She thinks one day he will trust her more than Preeta and follows him. Preeta wonders what Mahira doing with Karan. Dadi asks Karan to join them for dinner. Karan says he is not hungry and goes to his room.

Kareena discuss about marriage preparations with Prithvi’s mother. Rakhi says they doesn’t have much time to prepare everything and asks Sristy to join them. Sristy says she already ate and she has to discuss with Preeta about decorations. Rakhi asks Preeta to explain everything to Sristy and finalize everything today. Prithvi asks Sristy to do best decorations. Sristy says she can do anything for Krithika and goes inside with Preeta.

Preeta informs Sristy that Krithika thinks she is jealous of her and Prithvi’s relationship. Sristy says Prithvi already starts to instigate Krithika against Preeta that’s why Krithika behaving like this. She says they has to save Krithika from Prithvi and reveals that she saw Sherlyn and Prithvi together. She says Prithvi has some huge plan definitely and his marriage with Krithika is part of his plan. Preeta says Karan also against this marriage but the problem is Krithika’s marriage already happened with Prithvi once. Sristy says she will stop this marriage no matter what.

Kareena asks Preeta about sweet boxes. Preeta says she already put them in dinning table. Kareena asks them to not do any mistakes in marriage preparations. Prithvi talks to Mahesh and shocks seeing him moving. Seeing Krithika there he lies to her saying he came to take Mahesh’s blessings. Krithika notices movement in Mahesh and Prithvi says it must be her hallucination.

Sarla hesitates to enter Luthra house. Janki says Preeta, Sristy may need their help to stop this marriage and goes inside. Prithvi comes there and Sarla slaps him for kidnapping Preeta. He apologize to her and says Mahira instigated him. She says she won’t forgive him and goes inside. He says she will forgive him.

Episode ends.