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Episode begins with Rakhi tells Kareena that she did wrong by trusting Preeta. She says that her love for Preeta became danger for Karan’s life. She decides to not forgive Preeta. She apologises to Kareena for ignoring the latter’s alert. Kareena asks Rakhi to not apologise. Nidhi tells Rakhi that Karan fought to survive because of Preeta. She says that she did not tell about this earlier because she thought they will misunderstand her. Kareena says that she is glad Rakhi understood about Preeta. She adds that Preeta is unlucky for their family.

Karan comes there and tells Rakhi that he want to talk to her about Preeta. Rakhi refuses to talk about Preeta and leaves from there. Kareena and Nidhi follows Rakhi. Karan decides to talk to Rakhi at right time.

Meanwhile, Shanaya tells Rajveer that Shaurya is Karan’s son and Shaurya has rights on Kavya. She says that she feels like Rajveer is trying to impress Karan and Rajveer want Karan to have bad impression about Shaurya. Rajveer tells her that he is not doing anything like that. He says that he want to stay alone now and leaves from there. She tells herself that Rajveer is behaving like he is Luthra.

On the other hand, Sandy asks locksmith to accompany him to open the lock. Locksmith says that it’s night time and he has to go to his family. Sandy gives money to locksmith. But locksmith refuses. So Shaurya forcefully takes locksmith from there.

Kavya asks Palki that why the latter is looking sad. Rajveer tells Kavya that Rajveer never share his problems with her. She says that she want to know what’s bothering Rajveer. Kavya asks Palki to calm down and say everything in detail. She says that she know Rajveer so she can help Palki. Palki tells Kavya that Rajveer said something against Karan. Kavya tells Palki that Rajveer must be upset with Karan that’s why Rajveer would have talked against Karan.

Rajveer overhears their conversation. He thinks that Kavya know him very well. Kavya asks Palki to not worry because Rajveer is good guy and he won’t do anything wrong. They sees Rajveer. Palki leaves from there. Kavya tells Rajveer to convince Palki.

Shaurya and Sandy brings locksmith to Luthra house. Locksmith tries to open the cupboard.

Karan calls Preeta but remains silent. Preeta asks Karan that why he is not saying and what’s bothering him. He tells her that he fought with his mother. She tells him to do what his mother tells him to do. She says that no one is above mother so he should support his mother no matter what. She asks him to keep his mother happy. He tells thanks to her and disconnects the call. He decides to do what Preeta told him to do. He says that he will try to understand Rakhi.

Episode ends.