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Episode begins with Karan comes out of Preeta’s veil and removes her veil to complete the ritual. Rano says she already saw Preeta but today she looks more beautiful and says Karan is lucky to get her. Karan asks then what about Preeta. Nimmi says Preeta is double lucky to get Karan. Karan gets happy hearing her. Rishab says both are lucky to get each other. Sameer agrees with him. Kareena gets irritated with all this. Rano says it’s time for finding ring ceremony. Nimmi asks Sherlyn that did she mixed lot of flowers in the milk.

Kirthika says they mixed many things and it won’t be easy for them to find the ring. Preeta notices everyone goes to Karan’s side. Then Rishab, Sameer, Rano, Nimmi goes to Preeta’s side to support her. Preeta gets happy seeing them on her side. Sherlyn asks Sanjana that what happened to her plan, here everyone going to Preeta’s side already. Sanjana says she called few people once they comes the real drama will begin and tells her to wait till then.She assures her that she will fulfill her promise. Sristy tells Sarla that , Sameer messaged her saying he will show the live telecast of Preeta’s ceremony.

Dadi puts the ring and tells the couple to find it. Sameer video calls Sristy. Sarla gets emotional seeing Preeta and Karan together. Sameer cheer for Preeta. Preeta says she got the ring but Karan interrupts her saying she doesn’t have the ring instead she is just holding his finger and he has the ring. Rishab tells them to take their hand out of the bowl. Seeing their hands twisted with each other Dadi says no one won and tells them to search again.

Preeta gets the ring and shows it to everyone. Rano gets happy. Karan says this game was not upto his level. Rano asks is he thinking to play cricket here and teases him. Karan tells Girish to bring the ball. Sristy tells Sarla that Preeta will win this game also. Karan puts the ball between them and says they has to move from one point to other point without dropping the ball. Kirtika plays the music. Karan loses his concentration while gazing Preeta and she wins the game. Karan says she cheated when Rishab asks how she cheated he stayed silent.

Preeta says even though Karan lost against her, still it’s his ball only so she will give it to him. She goes to pick the ball and shocks seeing Mahira there. Mahira’s hand was bleeding and she says she is Karan’s wife and fills her forehead with her blood and faints in Karan’s arms. Karan picks her and they admits her in the hospital. Preeta recalls Mahira’s challenge of separating her from Karan. Kareena says she could not believe that Mahira can do like this. Dadi says Mahira did wrong.

Nurse tells Luthra’s that Mahira lost lot of blood so she is in critical condition. Kareena tells him to save Mahira no matter what. He says Doctors trying their best to save her but she has to regain consciousness in one hour otherwise she will reach danger phase. Sameer calls Sristy and informs her about Mahira. She says she is not understanding what to say and asks him about the hospital. When he told her hospital name, she said she will reach there. She decides to hide this from Sarla.

Episode ends.