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Episode begins with Police inspector comes to the hospital and says committing suicide is against law so he has to file case against Mahira. Ramona says no one commits suicide without reason so they can’t arrest Mahira and tells him to arrest the one who instigated Mahira to commit suicide. He asks who did that.

She replies saying Karan and his family is responsible for Mahira’s decision of committing suicide. He says if it’s true then he has to arrest Luthra’s. She says she even has the proof to prove her point and shows the wedding invitation of Mahira and Karan to him saying everyone knows about their marriage but at end moment Karan back out from marriage that affected Mahira that’s why she committed suicide. She says now he knows who is the real culprit and tell the Police inspector to arrest Karan.

Rishab asks why anyone will arrest Karan. Constable says these all common by rich guys and moves towards Karan with handcuffs. Preeta stops him saying Mahira wanted to marry a already married man and how can that could be Karan’s mistake, she introduce herself as Karan’s wife and says Mahira already knows that Karan’s marriage happened with her still she wanted to marry and now she committed suicide too so how Karan could be responsible for that.

Police inspector says if Karan is married man then Mahira is wrong here and asks Ramona to tell him the full truth. Preeta says she has the proof of her marriage and shows the video of her first marriage. Police inspector says Preeta telling the truth. Ramona tells him to investigate further because Karan did engagement with someone but married someone else. He says he will do the investigation for sure and will collect Mahira health details from Doctor too and will take statement from Mahira saying whole case depend on her statement now.

He says if Mahira said she committed suicide because of depression then Karan is saved or she said what Ramona said to him then he will arrest Karan for sure. He says Karan’s destiny depends on Mahira’s statement now and leaves from there. Ramona says she will make sure to put him in the jail and leaves from there. Kareena gets worried saying what will happen to Karan if Mahira blames him then and says everything happening because of Preeta.

Rishab says nothing will happen and he won’t let anything happen to Karan. She says if Mahira gave statement against Karan then his career, name everything will be spoiled and tells Rishab to understand her worry. Karan tells her to stay calm. Kareena says Preeta is responsible for Rakhi’s condition too. Sherlyn says she is going to see Rakhi and moves from there. Sristy enters the hospital and asks the Receptionist about Mahira. She moves towards Mahira’s room.

Prithvi asks why Pawan seems tensed. Pawan says he is fine it’s just that their mother is worried because she didn’t get her daughter in law then he asks him about Preeta’s house address. Prithvi says Arora’s are dangerous people and tells him to not go near their house. Pawan thinks he won’t get information about Sristy from Prithvi so he has find out by himself. Sherlyn calls Prithvi and informs him everything. She thinks if Police arrests Luthra’s then it will be good for her only after all their revenge will be fulfilled.


Episode ends.