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Episode begins with Karan tells Preeta that he cares and respects Nidhi because she is mother of his children. Preeta tells him that she understands. She says that Nidhi is really lucky. He tells her that he cares about her too. She recalls that how Aarohi said Karan loves Nidhi only and leaves from there.

Rajveer tells Rakhi that he want something. He changes the topic after seeing Mahesh there. She tells him Luthra men forgets everything. She says that sometimes she feels like Rajveer is Shaurya’s elder brother. She gets emotional and leaves from there. He thinks that he could not ask about Karan’s locker password because of Mahesh.

Shanaya asks Palki to dance with her. But Palki refuses. Palki tells Shanaya that what Daljeet and Shukwinder said about Rajveer. She says that her heart did not trust them but Rajveer’s actions proving them right. She reveals that how Rajveer did not even select mehendi design for her. Shaurya overhears their conversation. He selects mehendi design for Palki and Shanaya. Shukwinder sees this. Palki and Shanaya applies mehendi on their hand. Shukwinder tells Daljeet that their plan worked. Daljeet gets happy hearing this.

Rakhi asks Dadi that whether the latter saw Karan. Dadi shook her head. Rakhi says that Preeta went to kitchen and she is sure Karan also went to kitchen. She adds that Kavya’s mehendi function is happening but Karan don’t care about it at all.

Karan tells Preeta that he want to tell the difference between love and care. Preeta tells him that she know that. He tells her that he don’t love Nidhi romantically. Her saree pallu falls on him. She wonders why she feels like it already happened with her. They shares an eyelock. He asks her that what happened. She shook her head and leaves from there. Detective sees this and thinks that something is going on between them for sure.

Roma takes Gautam inside. She tells him that she is not able to handle everything alone. She asks him to talk to that person. She says that everything will be fine, once Varun and Kavya’s marriage happens. They sees a shadow and leaves from there. Preeta overhears their conversation and thinks that something is fishy definitely.

Preeta gives lemon to everyone. Varun gives his phone to Roma. Preeta sees this. Varun writes Kavya on his hand. Rajveer sees Palki. Shukwinder sees him. She tells Daljeet that Shaurya choosed beautiful mehendi design for Palki. Rajveer gets angry hearing this.

Detective goes to parking area and meets Anshuman. He tells Anshuman that how Shaurya hired him to spy on Karan. Anshuman tells Detective to help Rajveer. Detective nods at Anshuman and goes inside. Karan tells Aarohi to not lie to others for Nidhi.

Rajveer tauntingly tells Palki that Shaurya’s choosed mehendi design is looking good on her. Palki tells him that she asked him first. He asks her that why she is angry. She says that she just wanted attention from him and leaves from there. Rakhi hears everything and tells Rajveer that he did wrong. She asks him to not fight with Palki. Everyone praises Kavya’s mehendi. Mahesh suggests to play truth and dare game. Everyone agrees.

Episode ends.