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Episode begins with Palki tells Rajveer that he should trust her too. Rajveer asks her to calm down. He says that Palki should accept that she can’t see him sad. She tells him that she feels like he is marrying her because he proposed her in intoxicated state that’s why he don’t trust her. He tells her that it’s not like that. She leaves from there. He follows her. Varun notices their fight and asks Kavya that what’s happening. Kavya tells him that their relationship is new so they are understanding each other. Varun’s parents praises Kavya.

Dadi asks Rakhi that why she looks tensed. Rakhi shook her head. Nidhi tells Dadi that Rakhi fought with Karan. Kareena tells everything to Dadi. Dadi apologises to Rakhi for not telling the truth earlier. She says that Preeta is really unlucky for them so it would be good if Preeta don’t return to Luthra house.

Priest tells Karan that they can begin the engagement rituals. Karan nods at Priest. He wonders where is Shaurya.

Sandy asks Shaurya that why the latter looks tensed. Shaurya tells Sandy that Karan was scared and he saw Karan like that first time. He tells locksmith to do it fast. Locksmith says that making duplicate key will take time and he opens the cupboard. Sandy gives money to locksmith and sends locksmith from there. Shaurya sees Preeta’s photo in the cupboard. Girish tells Shaurya that everyone calling the latter.

Priest asks them to bring the engagement rings. Kavya notices that Rajveer and Palki did not patch up yet. She gets an idea. She tells Rajveer to dance with Palki for her. Rajveer dance with Palki. Karan dance with Preeta in his dream. Dance performance gets over. Nidhi says that it’s time for engagement. Priest tells Kavya and Varun to exchange the rings. Kavya and Varun puts ring on each other

Varun hugs Kavya. Kavya hugs her family one by one. Varun hugs his family and Luthras. Engagement function gets over.

After some time, Rajveer enters his house. He sees Preeta is waiting for him. Preeta wakes up after hearing a noise. She tells him that he went to attend his sister’s engagement so she knew he will come late. He thinks that he really went to attend his real sister’s engagement. He tells her that he will change. She hugs him and checks whether he is drunk. He notices that and asks her about it. She tells him that she should be alert. He smiles. She tells him that drinking is wrong. She says that she forgave Rajveer once and she won’t leave him if he drank again then. She asks him to go and sleep. She adds that tomorrow is Maha shivratri and goes inside.

Palki tells Shanaya that Rajveer don’t share his problems with her. Shanaya tells Palki to break up with Rajveer.

Episode ends.