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The episode begins with Karan asks what’s happening in his house. One of the lady says they are coming from NGO. Ramona says she understood that they fights for woman’s rights but what are they doing there. NGO lady asks Preeta about Ramona. Preeta says Ramona is Luthra’s guest the she introduces Rakhi to NGO ladies and says she is like her mother and takes Rakhi’s blessings.

Then she introduces Luthra family members one by one to ngo ladies. She says Sherlyn wants to everything for everyone so she doesn’t understands which side she should take. She says Karan and her relationship is not normal like others, they are binded by 14pheres and they are meant for each other. She says he is very good person by heart but right now he is surrounded with misunderstandings.

In arora house, Prithvi says first he will talk with Sarla then will handle Janki. He says Karan didn’t accepted Preeta as his wife then how he can be Sarla’s son in law and Luthra’s too denied to acknowledge her as their daughter in law.

He says Preeta keep going to Luthra’s to just to get insulted by them so she should change her way to get love. He says he will keep her happy life long if she comes to him leaving that Karan Luthra.

He says he will respect her instead of insulting her like Luthra’s. He says Sarla didn’t teach anything to Preeta and asks her to not stare him angrily because he is telling the truth. He asks her to tell Preeta to accept him so she can live happily.

He says if he leaves from her house now then he will never come back and Preeta has to live single. He says society people will talk ill about Preeta’s character so Sarla has to make her understand. Sarla was about to slap him again but he holds her hand.

In Luthra’s house, Preeta says her mother used to say that after marriage her mother in law house only her house too. Karan asks her to keep quiet and tells the NGO ladies that she is acting and not to believe this girl because she is betrayer. He says it’s not her house and she is not his wife and asks her to leave from his house. She asks till when he will talk like this. He says he will never let her wish fulfilled.

Mahira says Preeta is so strange that she is telling Karan is hers which is wrong. She says Preeta was wrong if she thought Luthra’s will accept her seeing those ngo ladies. Preeta asks her to keep quiet and says Karan only gave her every rights to her by marrying her. Karan mockingly says she realised about her rights so soon. NGO lady says Karan himself confessed now that his and Preeta’s marriage happened long back. Karan says Preeta arora is not his wife if she was his wife then she would not have arrived with ngo ladies and asks everyone to leave his house and throws her luggage.

Janki asks Prithvi to leave Sarla’s hand but he tells her to not interfere. He asks what wrong he said that Sarla keep slapping him. Sristy comes there and pushes Prithvi aside and argues with him. She asks him to leave the house. Ngo lady says Karan can’t behave like that with Preeta.

Karan says Preeta needs advice and asks her to not teach him how to behave. Preeta says he always insults her like this. He says she is provoking him. Mahira says no one should pressurize Karan to accept Preeta. Ramona asks ngo ladies to leave from there. Preeta asks Mahira to not interfere.

Episode ends.