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Episode begins with Dadi says Mahira put a wedding garland on Karan when he was not looking at her that’s why she was saying that Mahira cheated. Sherlyn teasingly says Mahira going to be Mrs. Karan luthra and with that rights it’s allowed to cheat like this. She moves towards Preeta and tells her to concentrate on marriage rituals instead of looking at other side. Karan was about to put a wedding garland on Mahira but shocks seeing Preeta’s face in the place of Mahira and then he looks at Preeta. Sherlyn thinks suddenly what happened to Karan. Then Karan puts a wedding garland on Mahira. Everyone claps. He asks why Mahira didn’t resist him from putting wedding garland. Mahira says she is getting married to Karan luthra then why she will resist him. Preeta claps when Karan looks at her. Karan says Preeta destroyed everything so it’s necessary for him to talk with her. Mahira thinks Karan going to taunt Preeta and let him go to Preeta. Karan was about to drag Preeta with him and Sristy tries to stop him but Preeta stops Sristy saying it’s okay. Karan turns to Preeta and angrily says for her everything is okay and takes her with him. He says she was smiling lot few minutes back and that’s just increased his anger. Then he takes her to Mahesh’s room and tells about how Mahesh supported him to become a cricketer.

Sristy tells Sameer that she is so tensed thinking that what Karan going to do with Preeta. Sameer says she is behaving like Karan going to kill Preeta. He says he already warned her to not attend Karan’s wedding but she didn’t listened him. Dadi tells Karan that she is in tension because Preeta came to attend Karan’s wedding. Kareena says she can understand her and says Preeta is unlucky for their family. Dadi says she just don’t like Preeta and hopes she won’t come to luthra house again after Karan’s wedding. Rishab hears their conversation and thinks there was a time when Dadi used to love Preeta now everything changed.

Karan holds Preeta responsible for Mahesh’s condition and says he wanted to marry in front of Mahesh that’s why he even postponed his wedding but she didn’t let that happen because she wanted to stop his and Mahira’s wedding. He says it would have been better if she never entered into his life and he should have treated her the way she deserved. Other side Rakhi asks Mahira about Karan. Mahira replies Karan will come so she need not to worry and thinks Karan would be scolding Preeta and gets happy. Preeta asks Karan to stop and says she didn’t came to hear his accusations. She says she came here as a guest because he invited her and she won’t get affected seeing his wedding rituals and once his wedding happens everything is finished between them. He says nothing will end that easily. She says she will witness his wedding and was about go from there but he holds her hand and pulls her to him. They stares each other, she says she will witness his real wedding and recalls their wedding. Sristy gets worried about Preeta and goes to search her. Sherlyn follows Sristy to stop her. She argues with Sristy deliberately. Preeta says don’t do. Karan asks what she meant by don’t do. She shocks hearing him.

Episode ends.