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The episode begins with Karan tells Kareena that Krithika met Akshay. Preeta asks Kareena that why she called her. Kareena says she wanted to know when they are reaching that’s why she called. Rakhi comes there and says she is happy seeing them. Karan, Preeta takes blessings from her.

Rakhi says she wanted them to spend more time in Manali but also she missed them. Preeta tells her that now they are not going anywhere. She says Akshay returned from Dubai so tomorrow he is coming to Luthra house with his parents to talk about his and Krithika’s marriage. Kareena gets happy hearing her and congratulates Krithika. Krithika hugs her. Kareena says everything should be perfect in Krithika’s marriage functions.

Rakhi says she will handle everything and Preeta is here to help her. Preeta says she will help Krithika. They discuss about shopping and all. Kareena thanks Preeta for doing all this for Krithika. Krithika wonders suddenly what happened to her mother. Mahira who heard everything leaves from there. Sherlyn complaints about Rishab to Mahira saying he is keep telling her to take care of her and her child. She says the real father of her child never asked once and asks what happened to Mahira.

Mahira says they should not have went to Manali and she choosed wrong way to get Karan because now downstairs everyone discussing like family about Krithika’s marriage but she is alone. Sherlyn tells her to not think like that because Rakhi used to support Preeta already and Krithika is Preeta’s friend. She says she is sleepy and was about to go to her room. But Mahira stops her saying Kareena too talking sweetly with Preeta now.

Sherlyn says Kareena doing that deliberately so no one get to know that she send them Manali to spoil Preeta and Karan’s honeymoon. She tells her to not plan anything against Preeta for now. Preeta says everything should be unique and special in Krithika’s marriage. Karan says she become mad. She says staying with him she become mad for sure. He tells her to repeat that confession again so he can record it. She tells him to not disturb her. He decides to tell his family about Mahira but she stops him saying everyone is happy so she doesn’t want to spoil their mood by informing about Mahira now. She says he knows about Mahira and that’s what matters for her. He thinks he has to do something because he can’t leave Mahira without doing anything.

Akshay calls Krithika and flirts with her. He confesses his love and also apologize to her for his behaviour towards her. Then he thanks her for giving second chance to him. Next day, Akshay arrives at Luthra house with his mother. Luthra’s greets them. Akshay’s mother asks about Mahira. Rakhi introduces her as her friend’s daughter. Mahira gets upset hearing her. They discuss about marriage preparations. Akshay thanks Luthra’s for choosing him for Krithika.

Preeta says they have just one week for marriage preparations. In Arora house, Sristy says Preeta will win Luthra’s heart again. Sarla says they are trusting Preeta again and it’s happening because of Preeta’s dedication.

Episode ends.