Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Will Preeta be able to expose Prithvi??

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Episode begins with Rishab, Karan and Sameer goes to Krithika’s room. Krithika gets excited seeing Rishab and says she is so happy that he returned and says she missed him so much. He says he also missed her so much but he is not happy with the things which happened in his absence and says he never thought that she won’t even discuss with her brothers about her marriage. Prithvi overhears their conversation. Krithika says she understood that Karan would have told him that he is not happy with her marriage.

Karan says he only informed Rishab about her marriage and he didn’t said anything about Prithvi because Rishab already knows about him. She says she already told everyone that why Prithvi is perfect match for her and she won’t get a better guy than him but no one understanding her and pleads Rishab to understand her. Prithvi shocks seeing Rishab and thinks his return is not good news for him. Sherlyn notices Prithvi and asks what is he doing outside Krithika’s room. He asks why she didn’t inform him about Rishab’s return. She shocks hearing him and says she doesn’t know about it. He says Rishab trying to break his marriage.

Rishab says she is their sister and they just wants her happiness and says she always listened him and asks her to listen him this time too by trusting him and says Prithvi is not good guy for her and asks her to stop this marriage. He says he would have supported her if Prithvi was good guy then. She says in Akshay time they said he is best match for her but Preeta was against their marriage. He says he trust Preeta. Karan asks why they are talking about Akshay now. Rishab says he can understand that she is angry but in anger she should not take any wrong decision.

She says Prithvi saved her life. Sameer says she doesn’t know what kind of person Prithvi is. She asks why everyone trying to break her marriage and says she will marry Prithvi no matter what and it’s her final decision and says if anyone tried to stop her then she will commit suicide. They gets angry hearing her. She says she likes Prithvi and she has so many reasons to marry him. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he gave 1 lakh to those Goons to trouble her in Chandigarh.

Rakhi and Kareena gets happy seeing Rishab. Rishab meets Arora’s. Karan is upset with Rishab. Rishab says they knows what kind of person Prithvi is but they doesn’t have any proof against him that’s why he is not able to convince Krithika and she is happy with this marriage. Janki recalls Prithvi’s words.

Sristy shows stones to Preeta and says she is planning to throw them at Prithvi. Preeta asks her to not speak like stupid. Prithvi overhears their conversation and and gives flower to Preeta. Sristy says they will stop his marriage. He flirts with Sristy. Kareena scolds Preeta and Sristy saying they can’t do one job properly. Sristy says if Kareena have problem with them then she herself can do the decorations which angers Kareena.

Episode ends.