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The episode begins with Preeta tells that Mahira is trying to marry her husband and says she never saw a girl like her. Karan asks Preeta to talk respectively with Mahira. Ngo lady says he is fighting with his wife for another girl instead of supporting his wife. Rishab says a husband should support his wife.

Ngo lady says only Rishab looks like truth speaking person and asks him to tell that Karan and Preeta’s marriage happened or not. Rishab says their marriage definitely happened and asks why his family staring him like that when he just told the truth because they asked him. Sherlyn says Rishab is a good friend of Preeta that’s why he is telling like this, for him his friendship is more important than his brother.

Karan asks Sherlyn to not lie saying he knows that Rishab loves him the most. Ramona asks him to understand that here they are talking about the situations not relationships. Karan says she should also understand that he hates lie. Preeta asks him to tell the truth if hates lie this much then. She says he did a groom swap and married her and asks is she telling the truth or not.

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Ngo ladies questions luthra’s saying why didn’t they stopped Karan and asks didn’t they understood the situation of a girl whose husband left her after marriage. Karan says they can’t question his family and he need not to give any explanation to them for his behavior towards Preeta.

He tells Preeta that they used to be friends and giving respect to that friendship she should leave the house right now. She says it’s her house and she is not going anywhere leaving her house. Karan calls the police. Ngo lady says he made it easy for them by calling the police. Karan tells Preeta that she will regret for coming here and says ngo ladies will apologize to him after knowing the truth.

Rakhi says Preeta should not have done this she loved luthra’s a lot still didn’t cared about their respect. She says she didn’t expected this from her.  Ramona says Rakhi always keep chanted Preeta’s name ignoring Mahira now she herself saw what that Preeta did. Kareena asks why Ramona blaming Rakhi when there is no mistake of hers.

She says Rakhi is innocent and believes everyone so Preeta used her innocence in her favor. She says today Preeta addressed Rakhi as Rakhi maa so she can get emotional and allows her to stay in luthra house. Rakhi says she is also shocked that Preeta did these all things to them. Ramona apologize to Rakhi saying she didn’t wanted to hurt her.

Rakhi says her family always warned her to not trust Preeta still she trusted her but this time she is hurt by Preeta’s behavior. She says if anyone tries to play with her family’s respect then she can’t tolerate that, now Preeta can never win her heart. Kareena says if Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage happened then their life would have been different now and Karan should not have interfered that day.

In arora house, Sarla says it’s good that Preeta’s marriage didn’t happened with Prithvi because she thought he is a good person but that’s not true. She says she doesn’t care about the society and he is talking ill about her daughter standing in her house. She says he is a betrayer and no one deserves a son in law like him. She asks him to leave her house and never show his face again.

Prithvi says he will took his revenge for insulting him. He asks Preeta to come outside. Sarla says Preeta is not there and she went to her mother in law house if he doesn’t leave the house then she will call the police. He shocks knowing Preeta went to luthra house. Sristy pushes him outside and closes the door.

Karan tells his family that Preeta is such a greedy person and finally everyone saw her true face which he knows already and leave…