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Episode begins with Sarla says Preeta knows to win people’s heart and prays for her happiness. Sristy teasingly says Sarla just prays for Preeta not for her. Sarla says she prays for her too it’s just that Sristy is not aware of that and goes to bring something saying she prepared for her. Janki says if Sristy gives permission then she will talk to Sarla about her and Sameer’s relationship. Sristy tells her not speak like this andu escapes from there.

Janki says Sristy thinks she doesn’t know anything and says if Sristy too goes to Luthra house then both sisters can take care of each other. Krithika tells Preeta that her friends asking for bachelorette party but she is not sure about it because they planned everything already. Preeta says they will bachelorette party. Krithika gets excited hearing her and thanks her. Preeta says they have just an week for marriage preparations and most important thing is shopping so they should start from that. Krithika goes to get ready and Preeta waits for her. Karan comes there and teases Preeta.

Preeta tells him to not torture her. He gives credit card to her and tells her to buy everything which Krithika wants without caring about price. He says Mahesh should do all this but he can’t that’s why he is doing on behalf of him. She says sometimes she really likes him. He makes fun of her and her makeup. Seeing her angry face he apologize to her says he knows that she haldly uses makeup things and he also knows that she looks beautiful without makeup. She asks why he opened her makeup kit. Krithika comes there and asks Karan to not trouble Preeta. He says she is speaking like Girish now.

Kareena tells Rakhi that she is happy that Krithika’s marriage date fixed. Rakhi teases her saying she will tell Krithika that Kareena is hurry to send her out of this house. Kareena says she is happy that Akshay’s family shifted here permanently so now she can meet Krithika after marriage whenever she wants. Preeta informs them that she and Krithika leaving for shopping. Kareena gives her card to Preeta and tells her to buy everything for Krithika without seeing price tag.

Preeta says Karan too said same and he already gave his card to her. Mahira sees everything from upstairs. Karan and Kareena notices Mahira. Sristy meets Akshay and got to know about his and Krithika’s marriage. She congratulates him and chides at Krithika for not informing her. He leaves from there saying his mother waiting for him at shopping mall. Karan goes to Mahira’s room and asks her that what was she doing in Manali.

Kareena who came there says she only send her and Sherlyn to Manali because Sherlyn’s health was not well. Mahira blames Preeta and Sherlyn takes Mahira from there. Karan says Mahira has to leave this house. Kareena says after Krithika’s marriage Mahira will leave the house. Krithika asks Akshay to accompany her for shopping. He says he is busy with office work so he can’t join her. Krithika feels bad and tells about it to Preeta. She asks Sristy to help her in shopping. Sherlyn tells Mahira to not say anything against Preeta until Krithika’s marriage happens.

Episode ends.