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Episode begins with Rishab tells everyone that he would not have married if he listened to his heart then. Sanjana asks what is he trying to say. Rakhi says recently Rishab and Sherlyn fighted with each other that’s why he is saying like this and asks her to not misunderstand him. She advices Rishab to forget that incident and move on. He thinks Sherlyn is definitely not that type of girl with whom he wanted to marry. Sherlyn notices that Mahira hiding something in her hand and asks her to tell what is she hiding. Mahira denies to show it to her. Sherlyn forces her to show and shocks seeing alcohol bottle in her hand. Mahira says she is finally getting married to Karan so she need to celebrate. Sherlyn asks what if Mahira faints while taking phere. Mahira drinks saying today it’s her win and Preeta’s lose. Preeta thinks it’s so suffocating for her and wants to go home soon after the wedding. Krithika tells Preeta that she is not happy with whatever happening now.

Preeta says she didn’t get it what Krithika meant. Krithika says it’s unfair for Preeta that she had to witness Karan’s wedding. Preeta says she has no issues and she is happy that she can attend the cricketer Karan luthra’s wedding. She says she is lucky to get this chance not everyone gets this opportunity to witness his wedding. Seeing Karan there Krithika leaves from there. Preeta too tries to go from there but Karan stops her holding her hand. He asks her to not go anywhere without attending his wedding. He notices that her one earring is missing and tells that to Preeta. She thinks her earring would have fell down in Mahesh’s room. They taunts each other. He says she is not happy with his wedding but she is pretending like she is the one who is most happy with his wedding. She says he can think whatever he wants it doesn’t matter for her and goes to search her earring. Hearing the footsteps Sherlyn takes Mahira with her to Mahesh’s room and hides the alcohol bottle there.

Mahira says whenever she sees Mahesh she is remembering the incident when he was about to expose Sherlyn and recalls how she pushed him. Sherlyn says Mahira need not to worry about him. She shakes him and asks him to get up to attend his son’s wedding and says if he wants also he can’t stop the wedding. She says his family is with him still he is not safe. Mahira asks what is she saying. Sherlyn says she has the plan to kill him after Mahira’s wedding. Preeta overhears them and thinks about which plan Sherlyn talking. Sameer takes the alliance cloth. Sristy comes there and asks him why he is behaving strange from the time she asked him to help her to stop the wedding.

She says she discovered that Karan and Preeta have feelings for each other and says Karan going to spoil his whole life because of his ego and stubbornness. Sameer says he respects love but it’s too late to stop this wedding. She asks him to think positive leaving his negative thoughts. She says later Karan will blame Sameer for not stopping his wedding. He agrees to help her and asks her to tell the plan. She says she doesn’t have any plan right now. He asks her to think and leaves from there.

Sherlyn gets dream of Mahesh exposing her in front of luthra family so she need to get rid of him. She says Mahesh knows the accident done by her. She says if Mahesh dies then she need not to worry about anything. Mahira asks her to not kill him now because after wedding she has many plans like honeymoon and all. They decides to think about him later and leaves from there. Preeta tells Mahesh that she thought they are doing wrong doings because they hates her but they are so evil. She says she won’t let their plan get successfull. She says why they are dragging him. She thinks what to do because once wedding completes she will leave luthra house and won’t be able to save him. Karan says he was missing her and asks what is she doing in Mahesh’s room.

Episode ends.