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Episode begins with Preeta asks Krithika that how she met Akshay and says she wants to hear her love story. Krithika says she met him in college and he was really famous student but she is his first girl friend. She says he never talked to any girls other than her in college but she was in stress when he left for Dubai because he never picked her calls so she thought he will cancel the marriage by seeing the distance he maintained from her. She says then he explained that he was busy with his business problems and now everything is fine.

Preeta says Krithika is such a naive and sweet girl. Krithika says she is excited for her marriage and can’t imagine a life without him. She says first time she met him near library and they collided with each other and that’s how their story started. Sristy thinks Preeta is tensed but Sherlyn, Mahira is in silent mood then what could be the reason.

Sherlyn tells Mahira that she saw Preeta and Akshay and according to him Preeta was enquiring him and as far as she knows him Preeta would have seen him with some other girl. Mahira says they has to use this situation and should instigate Akshay against Preeta and if this marriage stops then everyone will blame Preeta. Sherlyn says they will do everything but Preeta will be blamed and for Krithika, Karan won’t hesitate to throw Preeta out of the house and of course Krithika will hate Preeta.

Mahira says for Karan his family is important so this plan will work. Preeta was about to fall but Karan saves her and says he is saving her whenever she was about to fall. She thanks him. Kareena scolds Preeta for her behaviour and reminds her that she took responsibility of Krithika’s marriage so if can’t handle that then she will handover to Mahira. Preeta says she is also excited for Krithika’s marriage and she will handle everything. Kareena tells her to concentrate on preparations.

In Arora house, Preeta tells everything about Akshay to Sarla and Sristy. She says she can’t even tell directly everything to Luthra’s because everyone is happy with this marriage especially Krithika. She says Krithika is like Sristy for her so she wants to protect her. Sristy cries in jealousy so Preeta consoles her and makes her understand then apologize to her also. Sristy says she is not jealous but hurt. Preeta says she loves her most in the world. Sristy says now they will protect Krithika from Akshay.

Preeta says first they has to conform then they will expose his truth in front of everyone. Akshay was with Ruchika. Krithika comes to him and Ruchika hides in his car seeing her. Akshay says he will drop her. Krithika notices that he seems tensed. Sarla suggests Preeta to know about Akshay fully then she can reveal the truth to Krithika because it’s her life. Sristy says she is with Preeta. Preeta leaves from there.

Episode ends.