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Episode begins with Sandy asks Shaurya that if the latter is hurt that his mother did not meet him and left. Shaurya tells him that his mother don’t love him that’s why she left him when he was baby. He says that his mother cares about her another son only, so he don’t care about her at all.

Meanwhile, Rajveer meets Kritika. He wishes happy diwali to Rishabh. Rakhi asks him that why he did not wish her. He wishes happy diwali to Luthra ladies. Kritika brings Shaurya there. Karan shows two jackets to Shaurya and Rajveer. He tells them that he brought these jackets for them. He gives them jacket saying that he brought these jackets for them as father.

Rajveer gets emotional and cries. Mahesh asks Rajveer that why the latter is crying. Rajveer tells him that his father was not with him in his childhood. Rishabh tells Rajveer that the latter has family now. Karan tells Rajveer that he is like the latter’s father so Rajveer need not to get emotional. He hugs Rajveer. Nidhi gets angry seeing this.

Gurpreet gives saree to Preeta and says that she brought this for Preeta. Preeta tells her that she will wear this saree some other day. Gurpreet convinces her to wear this saree today. She tells her to wear this saree and go to hospital. Preeta tells her that she will celebrate diwali with Srishti and goes to get ready. Mohit tells Gurpreet about Lakshmi puja time.

Daljeet tells Shanaya and Palki to get ready fast. She says that she don’t want to miss the party. After some time, Daljeet reaches Luthra house with Shanaya and Palki. She says that she will stay in this house permanently soon. She meets Rakhi and Rishabh and wishes happy diwali to them. Rakhi tells Girish to call Rajveer for puja. She informs him that Rajveer is getting ready in guest room. Palki hears this.

Shaurya asks Rajveer that if the latter’s jacket is tight. Rajveer nods at him. Shaurya says that his jacket is tight too. He tells him that he will alter the latter’s jacket with his jacket. Rajveer asks Shaurya that why the latter is behaving like this. Shaurya tells him that he is just being nice. Rajveer thinks that looks like Shaurya is planning something.

Shaurya gives Rajveer’s jacket to Sandy and tells him to do something. Sandy tells him that Rajveer may die. Shaurya tells him that he don’t care about that. Sandy leaves from there with jacket. Shaurya thinks that Rajveer don’t have status to wear expensive outfit. He tells thanks to Nidhi for giving contact information.

Preeta gets ready. She notices Nidhi’s bracelet and gets angry. She leaves the house. Karan asks Rajveer about jacket. Shaurya tells Karan that he gave the jackets to tailor to alter it. Puja begins. Karan hope Preeta returns. Preeta enters the house and searches Nidhi. She does aarti. Karan sees this. She leaves from there.

Palki helps Girish in work. Daljeet scolds Palki for doing work. She says that she will agree for marriage when Rakhi asks Shanaya’s hand for Shaurya. Palki asks her that if the latter think Shaurya is good choice for Shanaya. Daljeet tells her to refuse to marry Rajveer when Rakhi announces the latter and Rajveer’s marriage. She says that she want Palki to get married to rich guy.

Nidhi comes there. Daljeet wishes happy diwali to Nidhi. She calls her as behen ji. So Nidhi scolds Daljeet. Palki tells Nidhi to not talk rudely with Daljeet. Nidhi gets shocked seeing Preeta there. She pushes Palki and leaves from there. Rajveer holds Palki. Shaurya tells Rajveer to leave Palki’s hand. He scolds Palki for keep falling and leaves from there. Karan searches Preeta.

Tailor tells Shaurya that he put gun powder in the jacket. He says that both the jackets are looking same so Shaurya should not wear wrong jacket. Four goons escapes from jail and they gets in Sandy’s car. They reaches Luthra house.

Preeta slaps Nidhi. She shows the bracelet and questions her. Nidhi tells her that she was in the birthday party that time. She shows same design bracelet to him. She thinks that she is glad Aarohi also had same design bracelet. Preeta refuses to believe her and warns her.

Rajveer tells Kavya about Shanaya and Shaurya. Palki misunderstands that Rajveer is talking about them and leaves from there. He follows her and stops her. Shaurya sees them.

Episode ends.