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The episode begins with Pawan comes to Prithvi’s room see him and says he is looking smart in groom attire. He notices that his guy didn’t tied Janki’s hand and curses him for his carelessness and ties her hand otherwise she will run away easily. He tells Prithvi that soon his bachelor life going to end because he is getting married and he prepared everything for that so no one interrupts at the end moment and leaves from there telling him to take rest until the rituals begin.

Janki gains her conscious and sees her tied hand and shocks seeing Prithvi there. She says she went against the goons so they made her unconscious and wonders why he is unconscious. She smells alcohol smell from him and gets to know the reason for his unconscious state and curses him saying he was not enough now he brought his brother too just to trouble them. She taunts him saying if her hands were not tied up then she would have beaten him with slippers till he gains his conscious.

She curses him that he die as bachelor only for kidnapping Preeta to marry. She prays to God to send Sristy soon so they can save Preeta from these Goons and if Sristy informs Karan then it will be easy for them to escape from there after saving Preeta and cries. Karan thinks if Preeta is not in the house then where she is now.

Mahira follow him and asks how can he asks her to leave his house just because she weared Preeta’s saree, and this nuptial chain. She asks did he feels disgusted with her and says he should feel that for Preeta because he won’t get her here. She says Preeta left him and she doesn’t even care about the Luthra’s respect, without thinking about anything she went from here.

Karan says it’s not like that. Mahira says he is lying to himself and says she didn’t weared this saree by her wish but when she went to his room she saw this saree on his bed and Preeta left without caring about Luthra’s reputation, she never cared about that, that’s why she came to NGO people that day. Karan says they throw her out of the house that’s why she came with the NGO people. She says she wore this saree to save Luthra’s respect in front of the guest’s nothing else.

He says she need not to do that, he is here to care about that and he will handle it. Sherlyn who was hearing everything hiding there wonders what exactly Mahira planning to do now. When Karan was about to leave from there Mahira stops him and tells him to read the letter before he decides anything.

Preeta strugglee to untie the rope, seeing that Pawan says he himself will untie them after her marriage completes. She says Mahira lied to him that Prithvi wants to marry her. He says his mother too said his brother wanted to marry her. She says Prithvi wanted to marry her when she was single but now she is already a married woman. He says she is playing mind games with him now and tells the Priest to start the rituals.

Mahira gives one fake letter to Karan saying Preeta left this before leaving and that letter says she doesn’t loves him instead hates him so she is going to live with Prithvi who is her love. She pleads him to take her downstairs as his wife and she will behave well and will prove herself as ideal wife and daughter in law. He says Preeta entered his life forcefully if she went from his life then that doesn’t matter for him and Mahira can’t enter his life forcefully now and leaves from there.

Sherlyn scolds Mahira for lying to Karan and says she knows that letter is fake one. Mahira says Sherlyn is selfish she just used her for her own benefits and they argues with each other. Karan gets emotional and hugs Rishab. Mahira comes downstairs with veil and drinks alcohol in front of everyone.

Episode ends.