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The episode begins with Sherlyn shocks seeing Prithvi in Luthra’s house. Prithvi asks her what Preeta doing in Luthra’s house when she said Luthra’s throw her out of the house. She asks him to leave from there saying he will be beaten up if he gets caught by Luthra’s then. She says he seems frustrated and asks who throws him out.

He says no one has the guts to behave like that with him. He asks her to promise that she won’t leave his side. She promises him and asks what happened to him. He hugs her and asks her to help him forgetting their fights. He says he knows that she is smart and cunning and wants her to throw Preeta out of the house. He says he wants to prove that Arora’s did wrong by insulting him.

He gets afraid hearing the police van’s siren sound. She assures him that Police is here for Preeta not for him but he should leave from there. He leaves from there.

The police inspector comes there and she praises Karan’s haircut and asks why he called them. Before he says anything she interrupts him and says she can’t believe that he is standing in front of her and asks him to take one selfie with her. Preeta shocks seeing everything. Sherlyn thinks the Police inspector is Karan’s fan so everything will happen in his favor only.

The police inspector says she starts to blabber like kid when she gets excited and thanks him for the selfie and again asks him why he called them. Mahira says she will answer her and says Preeta claiming that she is Karan’s wife but that’s not true. Ngo lady says just few minutes back Karan confessed that he married Preeta.

Karan says he didn’t called Police to tell Preeta is his wife instead he called them to tell how cunning she is. He says Preeta joined hands with Prithvi Malhotra and tried to kill his father Mahesh. He says his father was recovering but she pushed him again because she was afraid that he will tell her truth to everyone. He says to stop his marriage with Mahira, she even kidnapped Rishab. Rishab asks him to stop. Karan accuses Preeta for attempt to murder and kidnapping and asks the Police to arrest her.

Preeta says she is not responsible for anything it’s just that Karan has the habit of cooking stories in his mind and he believes that’s only true and he even reached kumkum bhagya hall on her marriage day to get revenge on her by believing his own cooked up stories. She says he did a groom swap and married her and when the truth came out he even proposed her in front of everyone.

Karan says in that marriage his family was not there. Preeta says Rakhi was there and she even blessed them. He says no one was there other than his mother so that marriage is an incomplete. Preeta says their marriage happened twice and how she married him by swapping the bride. She says his family witnessed their second marriage. She says Luthra’s requested Priest to reverse the marriage when they gets to know the truth.

Mahira says Preeta lying and she has no proof to prove her point. Sherlyn says law asks proof which Preeta doesn’t have. Preeta says Sristy knows Luthra’s will create problem so she recorded their marriage and she already submitted that to NGO ladies and she even submitted proof for their previous marriage. NGO lady shows the clips to the Police inspector.

Karan says everything is wrong and asks her to arrest Preeta. The police inspector says Preeta is legally his wife and he can’t throw her out the house like this and if he did then she has to arrest his whole family. She says Preeta proved her point with proof and asks him to prove that she is the one who kidnapped Rishab and tried to kill Mahesh.

Rishab says Preeta didn’t kidnapped him and asks Karan to come to his sense. He says he is hurt that Karan accused Preeta without any proof like others.

Episode ends.