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The episode begins with Akshay drops Krithika in Luthra house. She requests him to come inside but he refuses it saying he has some urgent work to finish. She says after marriage she won’t leave him for a second also and he should remember that. He laughs and nods at her. She notices Ruchika’s dress which was stucked with door and informs about it to him. He realises that it’s Ruchika’s dress and stops her from opening the car door and changes the topic to divert her and kisses her forehead.

Rakhi tells Preeta to invite Sarla not as Sarla’s daughter but as Luthra’s daughter in law. Preeta agrees to invite Arora’s and thinks about Akshay, Ruchika and decides that she can’t tell about it to anyone before she confirm it because it will just increase the stress. Rakhi notices Preeta’s tensed face and asks her that what’s bothering her. Preeta says she is just thinking about the ritual Rakhi mentioned earlier.

Rakhi says now everyone invites through mobile but in her village it was not like that so even though now they can’t follow her village rituals here still will try do in their way. Karan comes there and asks when Preeta will come to the room. Rakhi, Preeta gets surprised hearing him. Seeing their reaction he realises that what he said and says he has headache so wants her to massage her head that’s why. Krithika teases Karan saying he can’t stay without Preeta that’s why making excuses to call her.

He teased her saying she can’t live without Akshay that’s why marrying him in a week and says he is actually happy that she is leaving the house. She chases him and he runs from there. She tells Preeta to go and do head massage for Karan. Sanjana asks Sherlyn that why she didn’t inform about her pregnancy when she said about it to Luthra’s. Sherlyn says Sanjana need not to act in front of Mahira, Ramona because they knows that it’s not Rishab’s child and everything.

She mocks Ramona so Ramona leaves from there after taunting Sherlyn. Mahira warns Sherlyn and says Sherlyn deceiving Luthra’s so she can’t behave like this with her mother. Sherlyn says Mahira is not any saint and says atleast she is loyal to her friends not like Ramona and says she just joked earlier. Mahira says that was not joke but she mocked her mother and leaves from there. Sherlyn tells Sanjana that she knows how to convince them. Luthra’s welcomes Akshay’s family. Kareena tells Akshay that they should hug each other to greet because he is her son now then she introduces Sanjana to Akshay’s family.

Akshay searches Krithika so Dadi and Rakhi teases him. Akshay’s father says Akshay is lucky to get a life partner like Krithika. Preeta helps Krithika to get ready. Krithika says Akshay is best match for her. Preeta says Krithika is like Sristy for her and asks her promise that if she feels unhappy with this marriage then she should inform her. Krithika promises her and sees Karan approaching them so she teases him. Karan flirts with Preeta and hugs her before taking Krithika with him. She smiles recalling their past moments.

Episode ends.