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The episode begins with Rishab says Karan accusing Preeta without any proof. Karan says he is smart enough to understand how Preeta is. Rishab loses his control when Karan asked did he also joined hands with her. Preeta says Karan has trust issues that’s his biggest problem. Karan asks why she is interfering when he is talking with his brother.

Preeta says he is talking about her so it’s obvious she will interfere. She says she came to get her rights but she is not gonna explain to him anymore because it’s a waste. She says till now he never trusted her and he won’t trust her now too so she decided to trust herself instead of proving him. Karan asks then what about his rights.

Preeta asks him to fulfill the promises he gave during the marriage and says there is a lot of secrets he doesn’t know so she needs his support to protect their family. For that, he replies she will never get his support. Kareena says Karan took the right decision. Sherlyn says they can’t force Karan to accept Preeta as his wife. Ngo lady says it seems like even if Karan thinks to accept Preeta, his family won’t let him and they will make her life hell for sure. She says if they didn’t stop talking like this then they have to face the consequences.

The police inspector says if Preeta gives a complaint against Luthra’s for troubling her then she has to arrest them. She advises them to accept Preeta otherwise the next day every newspaper headlines will be about Luthra’s. Preeta says when Karan left her after their first marriage she didn’t give any complaint against him and gave a year’s time to think about what is right and wrong but now she doesn’t have any time.

She says she came to her house now she won’t leave from there so he has to accept her. She says if she doesn’t get her right of a daughter in law of this house then she won’t hesitate to snatch other’s rights by taking the law’s help. She says she doesn’t want to go that extent and she knows he too wants the same. He says he loves his family a lot and he also knows about her if he accepts her then after few days she will ask him to divorce her to get alimony from him and that time he will go to Police and NGO to show the real face of her.

He says she already once sent notice to him. Hearing him Sherlyn’s face becomes pale. Preeta tells him she didn’t send any notice to him. He says she is number one lier and no one knows her better than him but he doesn’t want to prove that now. He says to protect his family and to reveal Preeta’s true face to everyone he is accepting her as his wife. Mahira and Luthra’s shocks hearing him.

Preeta says finally truth came from his mouth. He mockingly says today just one truth revealed and she will witness what all truth gonna be revealed in the future. The police inspector warns them to treat Preeta with respect. Rishab and Sameer smile looking at each other. Mahira leaves from there and Sherlyn follows her. Mahira keep blabbers saying it can’t happen, Karan is just hers and she gonna marry him.

Sherlyn says now Mahira is not in her sense later they will see what they can do, if anyone sees her like this then they will assume her as mad. She says Mahira has to fight for herself, without fighting she should not think she lost the war already. Mahira says she will instigate Karan against Preeta then he will throw her out of the house again. Dadi tells Sameer that Preeta entered their house with some intention so he should not accept her. He feels bad for Preeta thinking how much she struggled to enter their house.

In Arora’s house, Sristy says now Preeta is not with her so she needs one best friend. Sarla asks her to call Sameer to know about Preeta. Sristy calls him but he doesn’t attend her call. Janki says what if he is also against Preeta that’s why not attending the call. Ngo lady says Luthra’s won’t trouble Preeta so she can live happily from now on.

Episode ends.