Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2020 Written Update on Justshowbiz.net

Episode begins with Preeta sees the pictures of Mahira’s haldi ceremony and thinks Mahira can’t hurt her emotions by doing this. Rishab says he bought gifts for Preeta and Sristy too but they won’t come. Preeta shocks seeing someone kidnapping Rishab. Sristy reaches home and gives the vegetables to Sarla which she bought from market. Sarla praises Sristy for listening her. Sristy asks Sarla about Preeta. Sarla asks Preeta too went with Sristy? Sristy says Preeta felt bored just staying in home so she accompanied her to market. Sarla says she sent Sristy to market so she can stay away from Preeta. Sristy shocks listening that. Sarla scolds Sristy for not bringing the vegetable which she told her to do.

Sherlyn tells Sameer that Karan called him to help. Sameer says he have to finish the work Kareena told him to do after that he will go to Karan. Sherlyn scolds Sameer for behaving irresponsible and leaves from there. Sherlyn searches Rishab and thinks everyone asking about him now what will she tell them. She says he would have went to meet Preeta and to apologize to Sarla. She says she have to keep all the boys away from Preeta because of them she is becoming mad. She thinks why all the boys going behind that middle class girl Preeta. Rakhi asks Sherlyn about Rishab. Sherlyn says she will call Rishab and asks Rakhi to enjoy the function.

Preeta follows the kidnapper to save Rishab and thinks what Sristy told about her horoscope. Sristy searches Preeta and calls her to know about her whereabouts. She thinks Preeta would have went to luthra house and to confirm that she decides to call Sameer. Sameer says Preeta didn’t come to luthra house. Sristy fights with Sameer and tells that luthra’s never trusted Preeta and always insulted her. Sameer asks her to listen him and says Rishab told him that Preeta didn’t pushed Mahesh it’s just that everyone misunderstood her seeing her standing near Mahesh and it’s all about timing but someone else definitely pushed Mahesh. Sristy says Rishab is right, Preeta didn’t pushed Mahesh and asks him to search Preeta in luthra house. Sarla overhears that and asks Sristy to open the door.

Other side Mahira hears Sameer’s talk and gets tensed knowing Preeta will come to luthra house. Sristy tells Sarla that she won’t open the door and will call Preeta. Sarla says if Sristy thinks Preeta went to luthra house then that will be true only because no one understands Preeta more than Sristy. She says her daughters never listens her and always goes to luthra house to get insulted, locks the door from outside and asks Sristy to stay inside only. Sristy pleads her to open the door.

Episode ends.