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Shraddha Arya and Shakti Arora starrer Kundali Bhagya is one of the top Zee TV show. It has been around for a long time now and it was an audience favorite at all times. Now, Preeta and Arjun’s marriage date got fixed and Prithvi planning to stop the marriage so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

Earlier it’s seen that, Arjun asked Preeta that why she agreed to marry him. Preeta replied that she felt like that’s the right thing to do. He said he can’t think about someone else except her that’s why he want to marry her. She said that she is ready marry him even if there is no condition. She claimed to stay happy around him. She said she want them to enjoy the life together.

She asked him that if he expected her to say like this. She told him that she will torture him after marriage like how he tortured her life. He said that he will torture her too. Other side, Priyanka adviced Anjali to accept Prithvi’s help because he know Luthras very well.

Anjali met Prithvi in his house and apologized to him. She said that she want his help to stop Arjun and Preeta’s marriage. Meanwhile, Priest fixed Arjun and Preeta’s marriage date which is day after tomorrow.

Arjun told Rishabh that after marriage he will shift to his room. He informed Anjali about marriage date.

In the upcoming episode, Kavya will tell Arjun and Preeta to do handshake. Other side, Prithvi will tell Anjali that Preeta and Arjun’s marriage won’t happen no matter what.

Why Kavya doing like this? Will Anjali trust Prithvi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Kundali Bhagya, stay tuned to this space.