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In the ZeeTV show Kundali Bhagya, Karan will be grateful because Nidhi told Preeta ti perform rituals in Kavya’s mehendi ceremony. Nidhi will tell him that she want something from him. Will Karan fulfill Nidhi’s demand? Check below to learn more.

Earlier it’s seen that, Shaurya spotted Anshuman’s detective outside Luthra house and he questioned the latter. Detective lied to Shaurya that he is spying Mrs. Singh on Mr. Singh behest because he is private detective. Shaurya hired him to spy on Karan.

Preeta told Rajveer that Nidhi gave Kavya’s mehendi ceremony responsibility to her because Nidhi is not completely fine. Rajveer told her to not go because she need rest too. She told him that she is completely fine.

Roma told everything to Varun. She asked him to talk to someone. Varun went inside to call that person.

Rakhi told Nidhi that Preeta will get close to Karan using this chance. Nidhi told Rakhi that she can’t throw Preeta away from Karan’s heart.

Next day, Preeta looked after the decorations. Rakhi asked Preeta to not forget the latter is an outsider. Preeta asked Karan that why Rakhi is angry at her. Kareena asked Nidhi to not trust Preeta. Nidhi said that she changed and she hope good things will happen to her.

In the upcoming episode, Nidhi will tell Preeta to manage the mehendi rituals too. She will say that Preeta will feel like she did for her daughter. Kavya will get emotional hearing this. Later, Karan will tell Nidhi that big heart needed for what she did. Nidhi will tell him that she don’t need his thanks but she want something else from him.

What Karan will tell to Preeta?

What will Preeta tell to Nidhi?

Whom Varun went to talk to?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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