Kundali Bhagya: Preeta hanged to face death crisis, Karan (Shakti Anand), Shaurya, Rajveer unites to safeguard Preeta (Shraddha Arya)

Zee TV’s popular daily soap Kundali Bhagya is gearing up for major twist and drama in the storyline.

Preeta and Karan has defeated evil Anshuman but this isn’t the end of crisis for them.

The latest promo showcase as how Preeta is hanged and her balance depends on a single stool.

Luthra mansion on fire

Luthra mansion is on fire and Preeta’s life is in trouble while now Karan spots this.

Karan rushes to help Preeta while he shouts for help, Shaurya, Rajveer too will come and it’s a family moment.

Preeta will be saved and she will also have a memory revival and things will start to get back on track.

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