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Episode starts with Samaira confronting Shubhra about her picture with Harsh in the newspaper. She states that Shubhra never wanted to marry Harsh and was just acting in front of them. She taunts Harsh talking about his relationship with Shubhra and says that he is involved in all her plans. Shubhra interrupts her declaring that she can’t talk to Harsh like that. Samaira says that she have signed the papers given by Shubhra and named half of her wealth to Vedika. She determines to defeat Shubhra and says that she will make her sign the divorce papers and will prove herself as a good mother. She declares that she will also snatch Rishi and Roli from her.

Here, Samaira takes Shubhra’s family photograph and breaks it declaring that she will snatch all her loved ones. She ask Kuldeep to say his verdict, while he remembers that she asked him to stand with her. He unwillingly faces Shubhra and says that he will take his kids and mother back from her. Samaira smirks and leaves along with Kuldeep.

Chandrani says that she won’t go away leaving Shubhra, while Anant hears their conversation. Shubhra states that sooner or later she have to get divorced with Kuldeep. She says that she can delay their divorce but can neglect it, if Samaira files their case in court. She worries about Vedika’s future as if Shubhra fights with Samaira in court then latter will take back her wealth from Vedika. Chandrani ask that what she will do? To which she replies to let Samaira do what she wants and as court will give 6 months time before the divorce, then she will manage something within that period of time.

Elsewhere, Samaira celebrates her victory. Phirki brings champagne for her. Kuldeep gets frustrated and imagines killing Samaira, but comes back to reality as Phirki calls him towards Samaira. He fake praises Samaira for teaching Shubhra a lesson. At that time advocate comes there and Kuldeep ask about it. He gives papers to Samaira, while she signs it. Kuldeep questions her that why she is only giving 1 crore to Vedika? To which she replies that it’s enough for them. She says that by doing this she can able to snatch the kids from Shubhra, while Kuldeep looks on.

Shubhra states that Samaira can easily get the custody of Rishi and Roli. She declares that Samaira can prove that she can manage the kids better as there is both mother and father are involved. She says that even today society underestimate single mother. Chandrani worries, while Shubhra assures her and says about her plan.

Ahead, Sanjana visits Shubhra. The latter notify her about all the matter. She shares her worry regarding Samaira. Sanjana assures her that Kuldeep will help, but Shubhra denies stating that he is trapped in Samaira’s web. Sanjana tries to comfort Shubhra and ask her to take help from Roli. They both goes to take Roli’s advice.

Samaira comes inside her house along with Kuldeep. She sits down to celebrate stating that she have filed case for Shubhra and Kuldeep’s divorce and will soon take the custody of the kids. Phirki pours champagne for both of them, while Kuldeep willingly drops it on Samaira’s dress. She gets frustrated and goes inside to change, whereas Phirki follows her. Phirki advice her to protect herself from evil eyes, while she replies that now Shubhra needs it more then her.

The end.