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Episode starts with Chandrani styling Roli’s hair, while Samaira come towards them and insists Roli to choose a dress for her. Roli ask Chandrani to help Samaira, whereas Chandrani questions her about the occasion. Samaira surprises Roli with an icecream and sends her away with Phirki. She replies to Chandrani, that Kuldeep have finally confessed his love towards her. Chandrani gives a heavy nod stating that she heard their conversation on phone and says that Kuldeep only muttered Shubhra and Rishi’s name. Samaira stays adamant on her statement and again lies about Kuldeep’s love confession. She tries her best to make Chandrani believe it, but Chandrani laughs at her state.

Samaira gets irked and drags Kuldeep towards them. She ask him to confess his love, whereas he feels awkward. She forces him, while Chandrani fails her plan asking Kuldeep to say about his love for Roli and her. He smiles and expresses his love for his daughter and mother. He goes away making Samaira furious.

Later, Samaira ask Phirki to arrange food. She serves Kuldeep, whereas Chandrani ask her to serve Roli. Samaira whispers in Chandrani’s ear, that they are going on date. Chandrani ask her to return back before evening. She orders Kuldeep to go to Pune, every weekend along with Roli. Samaira gets angry hearing it. Roli becomes excited and shows her happiness. Chandrani makes a rule for Kuldeep, asking him to call Rishi daily at 7 without a miss. Samaira reminds Chandrani about her date with Kuldeep and questions if they can preponed the time? To which Chandrani denies. Kuldeep agrees to his mother’s demand. Phirki warns Samaira against Chandrani, whereas Samaira smirks stating that she will soon send Chandrani out of the house.

Here, Madhura informs Narayan about Rishi’s behaviour. She shares her worry with him, whereas he throws his glass being furious and determines to confront Kuldeep. He shows his anger towards Kuldeep for being an irresponsible father.

Elsewhere, Rishi ask Shubhra about what she is going to tell in the society meeting? To which she shows him his trophies and states that he will always be there for him in his good and bad times. She ask him about his worries. Rishi pours his heart out, telling her about the anger he feels whenever someone points out on his family. He states that people makes fun of him stating that Kuldeep have left him. Shubhra tries to make her understand, while he throws all his trophies being furious saying that he can’t forget the slap of Kuldeep. Madhura comes there and ask Shubhra to go for the meeting. She assures her that she will handle Rishi and sends Shubhra away. Meanwhile, Shubhra wipes her tears determining herself to be strong for her child.

Narayan calls Chandrani and informs her about Rishi’s condition. He balmes Kuldeep for everything, while Chandrani tries to calm him down. He gets furious at Kuldeep, whereas Chandrani reminds him about his mistake. He gets more angry, while she says that they have to be with their child in order to uphold them, she accepts her mistake and advice him to be Rishi’s support. She states that she will surely bring Kuldeep back to the right path, while Narayan gets into thinking.

Further, Samaira gets ready and takes out Kuldeep’s outfit. She touches it sensuously and lays with him on the bed. She confesses her love for Kuldeep and cuts a piece of her clothe to attach it to Kuldeep’s outfit. She acts like a maniac. She imagines Kuldeep and starts dancing with him “Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon plays.” She gets close to him, while Phirki screams being shocked seeing Samaira dancing with Kuldeep’s outfit.

Shubhra tries to apprise about the reason behind Rishi’s act, while secretary interferes her. Kids enacts the way, Rishi have beaten him, while his mother complains about Rishi. Shubhra takes stands for her kid and states that she won’t stay silent. Women whispers about the change in Shubhra’s behaviour, whereas Sanjana warns her to stay away from Shubhra.

Episode ends.