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Episode starts with Shubhra working in the kitchen while Sanjana apologized to her and blames herself for Rishi’s condition, Shubhra says that it’s okay and goes to Rishi asking him to drink warm water so that marbel can pass out of his body, Roli teases Rishi standing in front of his bathroom while Rishi comes out saying that marble passed out. Sanjana and Roli hi-fied with joy while Shubhra caresses Rishi’s hair.

Kuldeep keeps doing push-ups and then lays on the floor, at that time Samaira comes there and ask him if he is fine? To which he holds his mobile saying that neither Shubhra nor kids have cally him, he shows his worry saying that he isn’t there to even explain the kids about his side. Samaira brings water for him and makes him stand, she ask him to calm and provoke against Shubhra.

Kids along with Sanjana ask Shubhra about her trip to Kuldeep while she ignores the question and packs Rishi’s bag. Rishi again ask her how Kuldeep reacted after seeing her? To which Shubhra lied that he got surprised and they both had celebrated Karvachauth, kids gets happy while she bids bye to them. Sanjana notices the empty neck of Shubhra and ask her to tell the truth, Shubhra touches her neck and turns away.

Samaira with fake tears says that she was ready to share Kuldeep with Shubhra but still she taunted her for this, she shows her fake concern towards Shubhra while Kuldeep looks at her being stunned and ask that after whatever Shubhra did to her still she is worrying for her! She replies that she loves him and she knows that he loves kids, she says that she can do anything for his smile while he hugged her tight and gets angry thinking about Shubhra, Samaira smirks and hugged him back.

Shubhra told about Kuldeep’s affair to Sanjana and keeps cutting the Vegety while Sanjana ask her to do something and let her emotions come out, she ask her to not hide everything inside her while Shubhra says that she can’t tell it to the kids as they couldn’t able to bear it. At that time Madhura comes there, Sanjana told that she called her here as Shubhra needs her this point of time. Shubhra ask Madhura to not say anything about Kuldeep as she is in no mood to hear about him while Madhura raise her hands asking Shubhra to come towards her, She embraced Shubhra in a warm hug while Shubhra cries her heart out. Sanjana goes from there giving them some alone time. Shubhra had an emotional breakdown while Madhura tries to console her, she gives water to Shubhra and controls her emotions, Shubhra ask why Madhura came here as her father have given her promise not to come to this house! To which Madhura said that nothing can stop her from coming to Shubhra when she is in need, Shubhra hugged her tightly.

Chandrani waits for Madhura with some ladies to play Tambola and then called her while on the other side Madhura Pats Shubhra’s head to make her sleep and receives Chandrani’s call, she told her about Shubhra’s condition while Chandrani gets shocked and says that she will come there.

Rishi thinks deeply about Shubhra when Roli comes there and ask what is he thinking about? To which he shares that Shubhra wasn’t her usual self, Roli ask him to relax and goes but Rishi keeps thinking.

Madhura ask Shubhra to eat but she refused, Madhura forcefully makes her eat a morsel and gives plate to her asking to finish it but Shubhra keeps it away and falls into deep thinking.

Chandrani comes to Shubhra’s house while Madhura welcomes her, she introduced Chandrani to Shubhra while both gets stunned seeing eachother. Shubhra bends to touch Chandrani’s feet but she moves away.